The New Look For EOS Lip Balms Is Here: Crystal Clear Fun Flavors

It is said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But what about lip gloss that looks like a diamond? Eos has recently released a new line of crystal clear lip balms. In addition to being vegan, wax free, and chock full of 5 essential oils, the lip balm is crafted to look like a jewel. This makes these little lip balms the perfect treasure to keep on hand.

The new eos crystal clear lip balms currently come in two flavors: Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. Click and see more amazing products. Instead of being solid and opaque as the balms usually are, the new formula is clear, which adds to the jewel like quality of these little gems. The case is also updated with a triangular finish.

According to, the ingredients continue to be as wonderful as always, because eos has a long history of producing vegan friendly lip balms. The essential oils used include the softening and moisturizing oils of avocado, shea, and coconut. These oils give the eos crystal lip balms healing and moisturizing qualities without leaving any greasy traces or heavy, waxy feel on the lips. The sweet flavors of flowers, peaches, and warm vanilla are as aromatic as ever, and the smell of the balm adds to the fun of applying it.

Eos lip balm was at first a small start up which quickly grew as people fell in love with the cool new spherical shape of the balms. This was a unique look for lip balms, and stores like CVS, Walgreens, and Target started selling these products and noticed how many people enjoyed them, order here. The brand has had many celebrity supporters that add to the intrigue of this fun start up. The company of eos, which stands for the evolution of soft, has grown quickly and soon after starting they outsold chapstick and blistex.

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