The Benevolence of George Soros

If there is someone who unshakably believes in a cause of action despite any resistance they may face, it’s George Soros. Late last month, Wall Street Journal gave a breathtaking report that the 29th wealthiest person in the world, George Soros, donated approximately 80 percent of his net wealth, that is, $18 billion towards the Open Society Foundation. This move stirred a lot of emotions and discussions among Americans since it was a very large amount, considering his net worth at the time of the donation was $23 billion. With this donation, Open Society has been able to move up the ranks rapidly and now stands second behind the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Who knows? Maybe someday Open Society will be the largest charity organization in America.

George Soros has not begun his philanthropic deeds this year or the previous one; it is a habit that he has continuously built over the years way back from 1979. According to the New York Times, George Soros kicked off his charitable missions during South Africa’s apartheid. He provided and facilitated black South African students with scholarships. He also went ahead and did the unthinkable in his home country, Hungary. During the Cold War, he supplied photocopiers to libraries, civil society groups and universities to facilitate the free flow of information that had been made impossible by the communist governments. Still, in his belief that education is the solution to most of the problems the society faces, George Soros made a donation of $100 million to universities in the United States and beyond. He is still a strong supporter and sponsors many students especially the ones who wish to access higher education with his interest majoring on the disadvantaged minorities.

Apart from education, George Soros has a particular keen interest in democracy in the society. This can be attributed to his background as a child. Having been born in Budapest, Hungary during the Nazi Occupation and the Battle of Budapest, democracy was unheard of. He, however, went against all the odds and immigrated to London where he joined the London School of Economics and later moved to the United States where he found the Soros Fund Management. He has since used the money he acquires from his firm to advocate and facilitate democratic ideal and policies. He has given recognizable grants to address media freedom issues, anticorruption efforts, and freedom of information. He has also supported organizations and individuals that engage in democratic politics without any fear or favor. Notably, he was a major funder of the Hillary Clinton campaign during her bid for presidency since she was a Democrat. Visit The New York Times to learn more about George.

The 87-year-old gentleman continues to create a huge impact in the society through his organization, Open Society. Through it, he is able to reach the less fortunate in the society throughout the world and being a voice for the voiceless. Recently, he has been really vocal and actionable towards the infringed Muslim society in some areas and the gay and lesbians’ community. George Soros is all about creating a better society for everyone to enjoy. Read this story at