Sentient AI – Personalized Merchandising

In business these days, it’s vital to stay ahead of the competition. Even when it comes to retail, different techniques must be used beyond the standard and traditional practices to stay above the competition. Having said that, there is no better way to accomplish this than with good quality Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and personalized merchandising.

What is AI Technology and Personalized Merchandising

This is a technology which allows computers to make automatic decisions through algorithms retrieved from information gathering without the use of human input, and thus, this operation is transitioning the retail industry. With this tool, retailers can analyze consumer data, they can modify their approach with consumers’ interactions, they can better comprehend the consumer behavior, they can have better predictions surrounding consumer demand and inventory management, and they can provide individualized promotions which are highly accurate.

Personalized merchandising includes tools that enable companies to build a customized browsing experience for the customer according to the algorithms of information gathered of the customer’s wants and tastes. With Sentient AI Personalized Merchandising, their tools are intelligent, dynamic, and visual that will curate the best experience in shopping for each customer. Sentient AI Personalized Merchandising has the following beneficial features:

  1. Data-driven product grid and merchandising personalization– full merchandisers’ workflow, marketers who optimize product list pages, and site optimizing experts. These tools enable actions, suggest solutions, and enable automated testing and aiming to assess impact.
  2. Measurable impact– test and track your activities for continual observations of the effect of your changes in conversion, revenue, and customer engagement. Also, you can identify new opportunities for optimization.
  3. More dynamic control for the customer experience– setting your own merchandising rules, their personalized merchandising system will complement them by adapting your product grid to personal preferences of each user.