Review of the New EOS, Vegan Flavors

EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, came into the lip balm market about seven years ago. When these lip balms hit the shelves of local drugstore and supermarkets, people could not get enough! Beauty and fashion magazines raved about the colorful packaging and tasty flavors. When celebrities were spotted on social media using them, the world went crazy for them!

According to, the concept of the egg-shaped package was a way to get customers to use all five of their sense while using the lip balms. EOS also wanted to make a product that would be priced perfectly for any budget. When the lip balms were first released, they were priced at $3 in order to compete with others in the lip balm market.  Once EOS discovered just how popular they had become, they started to focus more on making a connection with their customers. Hurry and buy here at!

Part of the connection that EOS has made is by using all-natural and organic ingredients, never testing on animals, and now releasing a completely vegan line of products. There are two vegan crystal flavors: Hibiscus Peach and vanilla Orchid. These products are made with jojoba oil and vitamin E. By avoiding the use of beeswax, EOS has now opened their market to vegans who could not buy their lip balms before.

After trying the new vegan flavors, the results are in! Both flavors of EOS lip balm make the lips feel incredibly soft and smooth without the use of petrolatum, read more. EOS will plan on making new vegan flavors, but so far these two have been a huge hit with their users.

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