Barbara Stokes and FEMA Strike a Contract

Barbara Stokes is the Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Homes (GSH) of Huntsville, Alabama. She is a graduate of Mercer University, Class of 2001, having studied Biomedical Engineering and Physics. While there, she also studied Manufacturing and Management, Structures and Properties of materials, Technical Communication, and Thermodynamics — all of which would serve highly beneficial to her future career in disaster relief. It was only after some experiences with Pisces Corporation and Boeing that she decided to join GSH. Barbara is highly experienced in government contracting and is passionate about the missions of FEMA and the U.S. Government. Moreover, she is a mother of three and an active volunteer in her local community in Huntsville. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

On September 29, 2017, GSH, announced that her company secured a contract with FEMA. GSH is mainly a disaster relief contractor and has helped with various natural disasters. The organization stated that both FEMA and U.S. Department of Homeland Security agreed upon new modular homes for the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. With an estimated worth of about $30 million, this contract is set to be completed by March 2018.

Barbara Stokes is honored to help rebuild homes in partnering with FEMA. She believes her company will provide “the very best in value and quality” to its customers. In fact, some of the homes have high-quality safety features and innovative designs; amongst these are an automatic fire suppressor. All of the company’s features are designed in Huntsville, Alabama, and then implemented throughout the nation. In partnering with FEMA, the company established its values of helping the community and especially the nation at a time of need. Read this article at

GSH was originally founded in 2008 (merely a decade ago). It offers solutions to customers of all sorts, including the government and private sector companies and uses industry-leading design, manufacturing, and engineering techniques. GSH has already established its importance through several events and industry opportunities. In addition, Barbara Stokes and COO Scott Stokes, have more than three decades of combined experience in the disaster relief industry.


Jason Hope Supports Anti-Aging Research through SENS Foundation

Jason Hope is well known for his technological contribution to life’s daily activities. Hope recently graced news headlines for making significant donations to SENS Foundation. The foundation just launched an anti-aging research program that has been embraced by donors and researchers. The program is set to fight age-related diseases. The Biotechnology Conference will disseminate essential information regarding regenerative medicine and anti-aging solutions.

Jason’s Input

Most people wonder why Jason Hope is the center of attraction in this discipline. Hope is passionate about technology and its uses in saving the community from adversities. He is known for utilizing technology to reach out to the masses that need efficiency and effectiveness in business and community development. Presently, he is interested in the SENS Rejuvenating Program for anti-aging. The annual conference was hosted by Aubrey de Grey, who was in charge of issuing the opening remarks. Being a health mogul, Aubrey focused on health matters and the primary objectives of SENS Foundation.

SENS Foundations

SENS Project provides a platform through, which health professionals colluded in sharing vital, health information and ideas. The discussed subjects provided a path towards constructive, medicinal therapies that should be pursued in the treatment of cancer. They also shared information regarding cellular as well as molecular damage. That discussion highlighted the primary focus of SENS Foundation.

Hope’s Mission

With a focus on the utilization of technology to improve health sector, Jason Hope donated $ 500,000 to SENS Foundations. The donation was his contribution to arriving at better treatment options for life-threatening diseases. Aside from that, this gift was handy in establishing modern laboratories that have since, been useful in supporting SENS Foundation’s clinical programs. In his words, SENS Foundations and its likes join foundations that are at the forefront of achieving revolutionary objectives in the health sector. Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance on the Internet of Things

Additional Information

Jason Hope is a serial entrepreneur whose works revolve around technology and its input in the community. Hope is also an author and an avid contributor to life’s daily challenges. He has, for over ten years, applied his technological understanding to predict the future of current affairs. His focus in issuing solutions to life’s significant challenges has earned him positive recognition in different industries. Jason Hope Pledges $500,000

Hope’s Contribution

Hope is also a philanthropist and a futurist. Based in Arizona, Hope attended the State University of Arizona and majored in finance. As a visionary, that was not the end of attaining education as he joined Carey School for business education. When he is not developing communication programs, he is busy inventing technology programs that play pivotal roles in the society.

Dr. David Samadi: Surgery Versus Radiation Procedures for Treating Prostate Cancer

Although prostate cancer is among the leading causes of death in men, Dr. David Samadi —a board-certified urologist—is optimistic that with the right urologists, men have better chances of beating back prostate cancer. Dr. David Samadi uses Mitt Romney, Colin Powell, and John Kerry—all of whom beat prostate cancer—to argue out his case that prostate cancer is indeed a manageable condition.

Dr. David Samadi is of the view that the method chosen to combat prostate cancer—surgery or radiation—is a significant determinant of whether a patient beats cancer or otherwise. Romney, Powell, and Kerry each chose surgery, and they are grateful for their decisions. Dr. David Samadi openly vouches for surgery over radiation.

Over the years, Dr. Samadi has established that men who opt for radiation have lower chances of surviving prostate cancer than men who decide to undergo surgery. Statistically, men treated with radiation are twice as likely to die from prostate cancer and one-and-half-times likely to die sooner than men treated through surgery. In addition, radiation exposes men to the possibility of developing secondary cancer such as cancer of the rectum and cancer of the bladder. And the decision to go the radiation way may be irreversible. Dr. David Samadi stresses that urologists find it challenging to perform surgeries on prostate cancer patients who have undergone radiation and for one reason or the other want to undergo the surgical treatment procedure.

Although surgery may seem the superior method of treatment, Dr. David Samadi says it is applicable only when prostate cancer is localized, meaning that it is present just in the prostate gland. In addition, the experience of a urologist come into play when surgery is the preferred method. The number of successful surgeries heshe has performed and other pertinent issues including sexual function after surgery are critical.

Dr. David Samadi

Also known as a celebrity doctor, Dr. David Samadi is based at Lenox Hill Hospital. He is an experienced urologist, and he is in charge of the hospital’s urology department and robotic surgery. Dr. David Samadi has practiced his specialty in many leading medical institutions including Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and Mt. Sinai School of Medicine.

Apart from extensive media exposure, Dr. David Samadi regularly contributes to the field of medicine, especially research on prostate cancer. His papers, and those he developed alongside others, have been published in leading medical journals such as “Case Reports in Urology.”

Dr. David Samadi’s Facebook Page:

How Does Equities First Holdings Manage Their Subsidiaries?

Equities First Holdings has subsidiaries that people can really enjoy, and they will make it very easy for people to get funding or help with their assets. The company has been sure to help people with the things that will be the most meaningful to them, and they also want people to feel like they have been given what they really need.

The best part of this is that people can go to all their subsidiaries. This means that anyone can come in their offices in places like Australia or the UK, and they will find out that they can get a few things that would make their lives simpler. They can take out loans, and they can make it very easy to get what is needed.

Lime Crime Finds a Way Around Chinese Product Testing Laws

Lime Crime overcame a severe dilemma when it decided to expand its business to China. Anytime a company looks to do business outside of the U.S., that company has to understand that there are processes that may be a little different from what they are accustomed to. The Chinese process of offering items for wholesale is that they have to have the things tested on animals first. Lime Crime was against any actions that could harm animals, so they had to come up with another way to offer their products to the Chinese. Enter: Revolve. Revolve is a Californian eCommerce company that was delighted to partner with LimeCrime on this venture. The company praises Lime Crime’s achievements and makes a strong effort to advocate for product sales. Revolve also makes it known that they are the only people that the Chinese community should trust regarding buying LC’s products. Their assertiveness eliminated a lot of the problematic resellers, and now the companies can enjoy honest sales achievements and activity. Lime Crime will start expanding into other countries since this venture went so well.

LimeCrime is a vegan makeup company that is proud of its stance on animal cruelty. The founder of the company believes that great products can go to the masses without harming innocent animals. Therefore, the company only uses natural products and does not use animal products of any kind. Doe Deere is the free-spirited founder of the company, and her mission is to continue to make products for people who have no problem expressing themselves freely. As a matter of fact, Doe encourages citizens who do take the chance to express themselves to the world.

Mrs. Doe Created LimeCrime in 2008 because she knew that no other company was going to be able to provide her with the colorful products that she needed for herself. In doing that, she managed to create a line of products that would be the future of fashion for the free-spirited. Lime crime is continually growing and coming up with new innovative products for the masses.

EOS Lip Balm and Their New Vegan Crystal Flavors Review

EOS Lip Balm is overtaking the market again. The company that made headlines and became loved by many for their unique circular containers is now making news for introducing a vegan alternative to their already popular lip balms, check also

What is EOS Lip Balm and where did they come from? First off, EOS is not just letters they threw together, it stands for Evolution of Smooth, and is the true meaning of their chapstick. The founders Mehra, Jonathon Teller, and Craig Dubitsky, had colorful backgrounds ranging from consumer packaged-goods companies to startup companies.

They got together and discovered that there was untapped potential in the chapstick market, with many companies using the same models for chapstick that have been around for ages. This is where they found their edge, they were going to redesign the same old chapstick tube to something that people would enjoy using. They have done just that and since its founding over seven years ago, EOS Lip Balm has blossomed into a multi-million dollar company who’s growth is continuing each and every day, read more.

Check out also this site,

Fast-forward to current day. EOS has officially released their vegan lip balm. These lip balms do not include beeswax, which is what was holding them back from being vegan before, and now everyone can enjoy EOS lip balms. The new vegan lip balms come in two distinct flavors of Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. The public response to the new vegan lip balms has been overwhelmingly positive with the product is selling out instantly. At the low price point of $5.95 per unit, the affordable and revolutionary EOS lip balms are taking a step in the right direction going into the future.

You purchase all EOS lip balm flavors here on


There’s A Booming Economy To Consider

Your Financial Innovation In Dallas, Texas

Innovation brings a tremendous amount of value to an economy. Innovation is what entrepreneurs use as they redefine the world and what we know about it. The grounded innovation of Texas is being noticed by the world and because of the progressive solutions this one city brings to the United States.

Dallas is now the home of the premiere NexBank agency and is allowing Texan people, government agencies and businesses to excel. This excellence is grounded on what’s done when innovation is matched to the financial rules our nation and city live with. The solutions brought to Dallas is therefore a rise in financial innovation also.

No One Thought It Would Be This Good

Businesses, wealthy individuals and government agencies are all seeking a place in Dallas because of a few business promises. The reality, however, is that no one ever imagined the size of this expansion or how much more wealth simple progress would bring. NexBank is now standing as a lead financial service provider in Texas.

The agency won’t see you as another statistic. NexBank took its revolutionary path based on the idea of locality. Locality dictates the financial decisions we make. Locality is something many overlook. NexBank is now leading Dallas, Texas because the firm works to serve the people of a specific region and their economic growth.

Here’s A Million Reasons To Care

There’s a million reasons to watch how Dallas, Texas is forming and how the world is responding. Business development helps to move money around a city and in spectacular ways. There are more jobs, better standards, more construction and more families with happier statistics as they grow from childhood to adulthood.

The competitive stance of our city allows us to bring innovation to you and as our fundamental service. There’s no operating in the city unless you can bring new solutions, better processing and clearer access to your money. Your understanding of a better financial future begins with your personal time and a visit to our agency.

Sussex Healthcare Gives Attention To Physical Health For Residents

The residents at Sussex Healthcare know they are going to be treated fairly no matter what happens. They try to make sure they are taking care of their residents and that’s how they are getting things done for everyone who they work with. It is their way of giving people what they are looking for and giving them the things that will help them through different situations. It is also how they plan to keep showing people how things will change depending on what they can do with different options on their own. Sussex Healthcare knows what it takes and they aren’t afraid to give the community the things they are looking for on their own.

For years, Sussex Healthcare has tried to make sure they are helping people and they are giving them things that will make their own lives easier. They are also providing people with a chance to try different things and that’s how they are going to keep giving everyone what they are looking for. No matter what happens, Sussex Healthcare knows what they can do and how they can help make sure people get a positive experience. It is what will allow them to keep giving back and it will provide them with the best options possible.


Even though there are some issues with the healthcare industry and assisted living, in general, Sussex Healthcare knows what they can do for their patients. They want them to feel good and confident about what they have done. They also want them to realize they are going to have to make some other choices if they’re going to get more out of everything they have to offer. By bringing attention to these issues, Sussex Healthcare hopes to continue showing people how things will get better. They want everyone to know they have value even if they are in assisted living.

In addition to giving the residents access to the gym, Sussex Healthcare is also giving the community access to the gym. They want their residents to be able to connect with other people and show others how they are doing things right. They feel it is a big part of their job as a community leader to keep showing people what they can do to make things better. They plan to always give attention to the issues going on in the community and with the assisted living center they have.

Visit for more information about Sussex Healthcare.

Securus Technologies – A Way of Introducing Safety

When you are developing your own software or platform to be used by other businesses, companies, and institutions, you have to focus on some key elements. The art of making a software that can provide solutions for the problems of your client is no easy task, and it is not complemented by the size of your team. However, a dedicated plan on what features to include is the core to your success.

Learning with the best developers out there, we would like to point out the staff of Securus Technologies, a prominent company that provides technological solutions for prisons and agencies. They have focused on the communication sector, where the telephone services of these prisons are the biggest concern of inmates that can’t call their family or friends without the connection failing or timing out.

Securus Technologies improved on what other providers were lacking, and the communication services of the company stood out among the competition. Inmates and the staff of the penitentiaries alike loved the services of Securus Technologies because of their commitment to a better telephone. Apart from that, they also had a big emphasis on making both employees and law enforcers secure while making the inmates feel respected.

The company developed a monitoring service that could be used by the staff of these prisons only in times where they need to investigate crimes inside the prison or are trying to solve a mystery. That monitoring service has to be approved by the law enforcers of leadership in these institutions, and the inmates are always notified, so they know it is a case of necessity.

While analyzing what this technology provider did very well, it is, right off the bat, obvious that they have a focus on understanding their clients. Not only that, but they went a step further, develop a way of making the inmates feel safe as well.



Oncotargets and Therapy for Cancer

Some of Oncotarget articles on cancer focuses on strategies of pro-oncogenic cell signaling devices to address issues of human malignancies. This focus on a particular cancer cell may have identified both gene and drug therapy methods that can be used in treatment and prevention. The medical journal focuses on providing comprehensive information about the translational strategy that fights oncolytic infections. Check Oncotarget at

Pro-oncogenic signals are the pathway that generates cancer in humans. The development of mutant versions of HSV-1 is a significant milestone in Oncolytic microbes research. The Ras-Smart virus is known as “ Signal Smart 1”. SS1 mutant is a different model of Oncolytic microbes that is designed to attack Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs) on tissue in a particular way.

HSV-1 and SS1 viruses are designed to remove all cancer stem cells that may have tumors. The CSC is a class of cells that can repopulate tumors and support different varieties of cells which make up the histological structures of cancer. No other therapy can efficiently eliminate CSCs in the body. The use of Oncolytic microbes is the best cancer therapy to prevent repopulating tumors in humans.


Most of the tumor antigens are known to be “self –antigens” making anti-tumor immune reactions face some inherent problems. Anti-cancer T cells prevent the formation of protective anti-cancer immunity. CD4 T cell can be used by doctors to facilitate the creation of specific reaction of antigen CD8+ cytolytic T lymphocyte (CTL).

Other approaches that can be used to restrict CSCs cells from multiplying include, generation of immunogenic DC that make inhibitory molecules such as IL-10; HSV-VP22 and carrier protein for simultaneous production of CD8 T and CD4 T cell response; utilization of “self-translatable.” The formation of specific donor customized MHC class 1 controlled anti-tumor CD8+ CTL and CD4+ “multifunctional” T cells by creating human peripheral blood obtained from T cells with an MHC class 1 prevented transgenic T cell receptor( TCR), separated from melanoma patient-derived CD8 + CTL.

Onctotarget researchers have consistently sought to produce valuable information regarding cancer treatment and biological processes. Their continued hard work provides options for patients and paves the way to the future of oncology treatments. Learn more at Research Gate.