Making Cloud Storage Work for You with NuoDB

Cloud storage is providing an increasing number of businesses with the technology they need to reliably manage data. If your company is still using onsite databases to handle information, consider the benefits of switching to the cloud.

Cloud database makes it possible to support a modern working environment in which employees can choose to spend full days at the office, maintain flexible schedules or telecommute. Using mobile apps, employees stay connected to the office and are able to work seamlessly with colleagues wherever they are. If you need input from a remote staff member, you can use the cloud to send a message or file and receive feedback in real time.

About 72 percent of businesses in the U.S. use private cloud environments.[] Instead of relying on a public provider for cloud storage, these companies have cloud services designed specifically for their needs and accessible only by their employees. This minimizes potential security risks by offering more control over cloud access and allows for targeted allocation of available resources.

Using cloud applications to manage and send information speeds up communication within your company. Team members no longer have to send multiple emails to get a job done or worry about one colleague accidentally receiving an outdated file. Collaborating within the cloud allows employees to share files, send messages and search for data without jumping between applications. Since all information is updated instantly, time is saved and errors are minimized.

Universal Access
Any user with the proper login credentials can access data stored in the cloud. Permissions are controlled based on what each user needs to do his or her job, and you also have the option to grant access to those outside the company. This opens up new possibilities for collaboration with industry leaders around the world. Time isn’t an issue because the cloud is available even when your office is closed.

Better Budgeting
Traditional data storage relies on servers and databases maintained onsite, meaning your company is required to purchase new hardware every time the influx of data increases. If storage needs are reduced in the future, you’re stuck with an expensive infrastructure and resources you can’t use. Cloud storage can be scaled in both directions so that you only pay for what you use. You’re never limited by the inability to upgrade onsite hardware or forced to maintain storage you don’t need.

Quick Disaster Recovery
How long would it take your business to recover essential data and files if your onsite systems failed? With the cloud, you don’t have to face the possibility of spending weeks or months finding what you need to get back on track. Cloud storage often includes routine backups, and cloud providers store data across multiple servers to provide the redundancy necessary to ensure your data is always available.

As your business grows, you’re likely to discover you require more flexibility than standard cloud environments allow. It’s hard to predict how much data you’ll have to handle on a daily basis, and experiencing a sudden spike in the flow of information could cripple databases lacking the necessary flexibility. NuoDB provides a new form of SQL designed to be scalable, resilient and reliable.

Using NuoDB to handle data and workloads supports a better user experience. Thanks to a focus on ACID compliance, this SQL technology is elastic, consistent and durable. Transactions go smoothly no matter how much of a load your database has to carry, allowing you to take full advantage of the benefits the cloud offers for managing and expanding your business.