Lime Crime Finds a Way Around Chinese Product Testing Laws

Lime Crime overcame a severe dilemma when it decided to expand its business to China. Anytime a company looks to do business outside of the U.S., that company has to understand that there are processes that may be a little different from what they are accustomed to. The Chinese process of offering items for wholesale is that they have to have the things tested on animals first. Lime Crime was against any actions that could harm animals, so they had to come up with another way to offer their products to the Chinese. Enter: Revolve. Revolve is a Californian eCommerce company that was delighted to partner with LimeCrime on this venture. The company praises Lime Crime’s achievements and makes a strong effort to advocate for product sales. Revolve also makes it known that they are the only people that the Chinese community should trust regarding buying LC’s products. Their assertiveness eliminated a lot of the problematic resellers, and now the companies can enjoy honest sales achievements and activity. Lime Crime will start expanding into other countries since this venture went so well.

LimeCrime is a vegan makeup company that is proud of its stance on animal cruelty. The founder of the company believes that great products can go to the masses without harming innocent animals. Therefore, the company only uses natural products and does not use animal products of any kind. Doe Deere is the free-spirited founder of the company, and her mission is to continue to make products for people who have no problem expressing themselves freely. As a matter of fact, Doe encourages citizens who do take the chance to express themselves to the world.

Mrs. Doe Created LimeCrime in 2008 because she knew that no other company was going to be able to provide her with the colorful products that she needed for herself. In doing that, she managed to create a line of products that would be the future of fashion for the free-spirited. Lime crime is continually growing and coming up with new innovative products for the masses.