Jorge Moll Helps Explain How Giving Is Beneficial To Your Health

As Christmas approaches, the holiday season is in full swing. Research has shown that there are many positive benefits to giving. Giving can help people live happier and healthier lives. Regardless of whether you are giving gifts, donating to a charity, or volunteering, here are a few ways that being selfless can have a positive impact on your life.

Better Overall Health

Giving to others has been shown to help people who are dealing with serious illnesses, such as HIV. Volunteering can help increase a person’s life expectancy. This is especially true for elderly people. Giving has been shown to reduce stress. A study conducted by Johns Hopkins University found that people who help others have a lower blood pressure than people who don’t. Follow Jorge Moll on Linkedin.

General Happiness

Research has shown that giving money to others can increase someone’s happiness more than them spending money on themselves. According to Jorge Moll and the National Institutes of Health, there is a link between people giving money to charity and their brain. People begin to experience more pleasure and have a general glow. Giving can also release endorphins in the brain.

Feeling Grateful

Jorge Moll says that research has shown that giving causes people to feel gratitude. Gratitude can create important social bonds. Being grateful can boost self esteem levels. Moll says that finding something to be grateful for everyday is one way that people can increase their overall happiness.

Setting Yourself Up For The Future

When people give, they are more likely to receive something in the future. Giving allows people to develop a sense of trust that strengthens bonds. Developing a positive attitude allows people to control their mental and physical health. Giving brings people closer together, and Moll believes that will lead to more interdependence within the community. Watch this video on

Influencing Others

The giving attitude can spread through a community. When someone watches another person being kind, it can inspire them, regardless of whether they know the person or not. Moll says that giving can release oxytocin, which creates of feelings of warmth. People will start to feel more empathy towards others.

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