Goettl Air Conditioning- Quality Always Get Rewarded

CopperPoint, the largest employee compensation insurance in Arizona, awarded Goettl Air Condition alongside its sister organization, The Sunny Plumber, as the 2015’s Best of the Best honor for worker safety. This prestigious award is offered to only 43 out of 15,000 policy holders of CopperPoint. The award is offered annually, and it aims to honor establishments with impeccable safety regimen for their personnel. The companies are evaluated based on principles like claims severity, the presence of a safety committee and loss history.

During a Business Press Vegas briefing, Phyllis Senseman, the Vice President of Agency Management and marketing elucidated that CopperPoint Insurance Company was devoted to making the workplace safer for its policyholders as well as its staff. According to Phyllis, safety in each organization is paramount as its saves lives; hence, the award was founded to honor companies with excellent workplace safety regime.

Senseman further clarified that in 2015 only 43 firms which represented 0.003% of all policyholders were eligible to win the award and Goettl was one of these companies.

HVAC and plumbing is a risky venture where its mechanics work in extreme weather conditions, conduct excavations as well as perform tasks in hazardous spaces like attics. For this reason, John Onorato, the General and safety manager at both Goettl and Sunny Plumber ensures all of his employees are well equipped with the modern protective gear as well as holding monthly safety meetings to discuss any safety concerns that they might have.

About Goettl Air Conditioning Company

Goettl Air Condition is a prominent organization founded in 1939 by two brothers Gust and Adam Goettl. The extreme harsh climate experienced in the Southwest of the U.S is the main reason that the two co-founders started the company in Phoenix and later expanded to Arizona and Las Vegas.

Since its founding, Goettl has evolved into an industry leader and one of the most trusted brands in the technology and HVAC market. The company offers top quality air conditioners, heating devices, repair and replacement services as well as maintenance services. Moreover, to ensure the best services, Goettl undertakes a background check on all its technicians who must pass a drug test and after getting the job are subject to continuous technical training.

Additionally, technicians at Goettl go above and beyond to ensure that its clients have a positive experience regardless of their needs. The company inspects the work done and adheres to the appropriate safety standards, installation, and repair procedures. To prove this, recently, readers of Arizona Foothills Magazine have ranked Goettl as the ‘Best HVAC 2017’ firm in the state. For more on Goettl refer to the company’s web page at goettl.com or visit crunchbase.com.