George Soros is not a Liberal Boogeyman that Stalks the Earth

Many conservative and traditional organizations do not like George Soros. They do not like the way that he provides funding for many liberal and leftist causes that challenge their way of life. The traditional parties are irritated by how he helps to support various factions and social movements with nontraditional views.

Conservatives do not like Soros because his money causes them to lose important influence and social ground. In the minds of the right-wing conservatives, Soros is a liberal boogeyman who is responsible for every failed conservative agenda.

Soros is an extremely rich man, but he certainly is not responsible for every failed conservative policy or ideology. Like most people, the right has to demonize a person. George Soros has become their go to guy for this type of process. Soros is nothing like his conservative critics make him out to be. He is not some unseen puppet master pulling the strings of every liberal organization on the planet.

People have to realize that George Soros is deeply concerned about people on this planet. He knows how controlling and domineering traditional government can be within a society. He also realizes that conservative social groups can also limit the progress of minorities, immigrants and people who live a different cultural lifestyle.

In October of 2017, George Soros gave a whopping $18 billion dollars to his Open Society Foundation. This donation by George Soros made him one of the top 5 philanthropists in the world. Once again, this is no small feat for a person to accomplish. Soros wants to ensure that the world stays free and open to democracy and liberalism.

Democracy and liberalism are two important components for any society. Without these social norms the world would be a more dangerous place to exist. Tyranny exists in many places and it is easy for traditional power structures to control and exploit the masses. Soros does not want this to happen at all. This is why giving to the Open Society Foundation is so important.

Soros’s $18 billion-dollar donation is groundbreaking. It will help his organization to reach the $30 billion-dollar mark. This type of donation is crucial with future projects for Open Society Foundation. This amount of money will be used to help fund future projects that will keep the cause of liberalism strong and vibrant. Now, that you know what Soros does with his money; does he sound like a boogeyman to you?

In closing, George Soros is no boogeyman. He is a just a man who has the sense to know that societies need his contributions. His work is able to fund many liberal organizations that would simply fall to the wayside without his help. Soros is a great man, who take his philanthropic contributions seriously. After all, he money is able to make the world a more fair and balanced place. You can find out more about Soros on the Open Society Foundation website.