Felipe Montoro Jens Talks About New PPP That The Municipality Of Rio de Janeiro Has Undertaken

Brazil has been experiencing a number of notable developments with a number of policies that have come its way. One of the most recent developments that the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro undertook was for the expansion of the education network in the city. The project was funded so as to provide better infrastructure, construction, and maintenance of educational institutions, the equipment that they use, and the core services that they offer. This recent development came as a part of the PPP plan that the city is implementing. This acronym, which stands for Public-Private Partnership came after the Government of Brazil decided to provide incentives to private corporations who wanted to take on developmental and beneficial projects in collaboration with government agencies.

Felipe Montoro Jens, a well-known name in the field of engineering and construction took to his blog to talk about the new endeavor and the intricacies of the project. In the article, he outlined that the main goal of the municipality is to create thousands of new day care centers and play schools which are equipped with high tech equipment for the betterment of the educational institution in the country. The municipality has estimated that they will reach their goal by the year 2020 as per the pace at good what construction is going on.

The International Finance Corporation has also played an important role in the developments that the country is seeing, and has backed many of the corporates who are undertaking these new developmental ventures in the country.

This project that the municipality of Rio de Janeiro has undertaken is not the first of its kind in the city. Prior to this, the municipality of Belo Horizonte was also one to implement a similar plan that would work for the implementation and development of more and better schools in the area.