EOS in my favorite flavor!

As if I didn’t already love the EOS line of lip balms, I came across a new seasonal flavor. It’s my favorite flavor, click here.

I just love pumpkin pie. I love it in every shape and form.

A pumpkin flavored coffee and of course, a pumpkin donut would definitely compliment each other on a cold day. Its just that time of year and it seems that there are always new ways to present the pumpkin spice flavor. “Low and behold”, the new EOS pumpkin and spice lip balm. Oh so sweet as it glides on my parched lips and soothes them and protects them from the winter cold. But to have that amazing pumpkin flavor that I love so much come in a lip balm. What a great idea.

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It is very easy to open and apply when needed. I am off to shopping with too much to do but I know that I don’t have to worry about dry lips. It is stored away in my purse for easy access. Shopping can dry my mouth out and I may become a little dehydrated but my lips will be fine with this new found flavor, delicious Pumpkin Spice.

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I am very fussy about what I put on my face so when I use EOS products I know that they are safe. In fact, I have tried many flavors over a few years and I know all about the quality of the product. With healthy ingredients like shea butter which is high in antioxidants and cocoa butter is an emollient which puts a protective layer to fight all kinds of environments that can affect your lips, refer also to makeupalley.com. It also has olive oil that holds in moisture. Healthy ingredients and all those amazing flavors, that’s my kind of lip balm!