Dr. Clay Siegall: Bringing Technology and Nature Together In an Attempt to Fight Cancer

Dr. Clay Siegall, the founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics, is a seasoned scientist who has made a substantial contribution in regards to targeted cancer therapies. Through Seattle Genetics, he has brought professional researchers together in an attempt to improve cancer research and to develop more drugs that will satisfactorily address the cancer problem. Siegall holds the belief that the traditional therapies such as chemotherapy do not have a place in the future; scientists must strive to come up with more patient-friendly therapies which are both tolerable and effective. Inspirery.com managed to have a word with the legend and shared his story with its readers.

The Interview

Nature has a way of eradicating the disease. With a little help from technology, nature can change the fate of people who suffer from chronic diseases and whose chances of survival are minimal by making them full of life once more. That knowledge is what motivated Dr. Siegall to start Seattle Genetics. The closest he had got to a cancer patient was when a close relative was diagnosed with the disease. By then, Siegall was a student at the University of Maryland. Although he didn’t have the necessary expertise on cancer treatment, he was not convinced that chemo, amputation, and radical surgery were the best treatment that a patient could get.

After establishing the company in 1998, Clay Siegall had to struggle to maintain it in operation. He told Inspirery.com that the situation had gone to the extremes to the point that he had contemplated about closing down the firm. He was able to work through, and in a decade’s time, Seattle Genetics started making huge profits. He attributed his success to his team of researchers, talented salespeople, and other staff members who fully understand the business of the company and its goals. The unique products that the company develops have also gone a long way in growing his trade.

About Siegall

Before joining George Washington University for his Ph.D. in genetics, Dr. Clay Siegall had already graduated from revered The University of Maryland with a degree in Zoology. His post-doctoral research has given birth to several FDA-approved anti-cancer therapies.

Besides his prowess in science, Siegall is good at business management. In 2001, he led Seattle Genetics in a financing round that yielded more than $675 million. Siegall has also worked with Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute from 1991 until he left to pursue entrepreneurship.