Securus Technologies – A Way of Introducing Safety

When you are developing your own software or platform to be used by other businesses, companies, and institutions, you have to focus on some key elements. The art of making a software that can provide solutions for the problems of your client is no easy task, and it is not complemented by the size of your team. However, a dedicated plan on what features to include is the core to your success.

Learning with the best developers out there, we would like to point out the staff of Securus Technologies, a prominent company that provides technological solutions for prisons and agencies. They have focused on the communication sector, where the telephone services of these prisons are the biggest concern of inmates that can’t call their family or friends without the connection failing or timing out.

Securus Technologies improved on what other providers were lacking, and the communication services of the company stood out among the competition. Inmates and the staff of the penitentiaries alike loved the services of Securus Technologies because of their commitment to a better telephone. Apart from that, they also had a big emphasis on making both employees and law enforcers secure while making the inmates feel respected.

The company developed a monitoring service that could be used by the staff of these prisons only in times where they need to investigate crimes inside the prison or are trying to solve a mystery. That monitoring service has to be approved by the law enforcers of leadership in these institutions, and the inmates are always notified, so they know it is a case of necessity.

While analyzing what this technology provider did very well, it is, right off the bat, obvious that they have a focus on understanding their clients. Not only that, but they went a step further, develop a way of making the inmates feel safe as well.



A True Blue Business

What is the best way to describe Securus Technologies and the service they provide? Crime prevention and criminal monitoring are two excellent ways to explain what Securus Technologies does. To put simply, this organization helps to keep the correct in the Department of Corrections.


One person who individually deserves recognition for what this company does is Richard Falcone as the founder, former chairman and CEO of Securus Technologies. Not surprisingly, since the start date of this organization, someone else has their hands on the wheel these days. And, that man’s name is Richard A Smith. But, most people just call him Rick.


Executing contracts providing technology and patents to correction facilities is how Securus Technologies earns its reputation. This technology focuses on detainee communications, parolee tracking and information that is important to the government. Innovating technical solutions and providing exemplary customer service to law the enforcement field is the purpose of this technology.


This service is provided to these facilities throughout the United States. Securus Technologies is based in Dallas with Regional offices in Carrollton and Allen Texas. The company also has a regional office in Atlanta, Georgia. It not only provides services throughout the United States, Securus also has offices internationally in Canada.


And, as the name implies, the company does not just provide technical solutions and service, but it provides a sense of security and safety to law enforcement workers. Naturally, this sense of security extends to law enforcement families and the communities in which they live. These innovations in technology also bring a level of dignity and quality to the services that officers provide every day. A good way to think of Securus Technologies and to understand what they do is to think of law enforcement as a football game. They are not the players on the field or the coaches even but the people who broadcast and monitor the game and bring it to the public.


Using Securus Technologies to Tighten Prison Security

When you work inside a dangerous prison, you really need to have your head on a swivel or you are going to get hurt. These inmates are inside that jail day and night, looking for any weaknesses they can exploit to their advantage. To limit the incidences of violence, me and my fellow officers must be vigilant at finding any contraband before the inmates have a chance to use them.


Every morning we are on duty inside the visitor center to keep a close eye on the interactions between inmate and visitor. We warn visitors of the potential jail time if caught smuggling anything to the inmates, and we do physical searches numerous times to keep anything illegal from getting into the jail.


Securus Technologies placed a call monitoring system in the jail recently, and now we use this resource to help us control illegal items from getting to the inmates. The company CEO, Richard Smith, has these units in 2,600 prisons and his team are all dedicated to making our world that much safer. Once I was able to understand how the LBS software worked, I was excited to see how much contraband we could now find.


During the first day on monitoring the inmates calls, we were surprised how efficient the system was at identifying specific chatter. We got an alert about drugs, and it was revealed how one inmate was using his family to get prescription drugs to him in the visitor center. There was another call that revealed an inmate using drugs with his cellmate at night, and he was looking for more.


Each time that we picked up chatter about any contraband, we quickly took care of matters and started cleaning up the facility one inmate at a time. Now we are seeing a steady decline in violent episodes thanks in part to this incredible resource.


Securus Has Improved Their Technology System

We have been talking on Securus for some time using their video programming, and I know it brings more people together than any other company. They have challenged other companies to do better, and they are outpacing them at an incredible rate. This article shows how I have partaken in Securus to ensure our family is connected. There are families that are split up across the country, and I believe the system helps everyone who feels they have lost a loved one.


#1: What Is The Purpose Of Securus?


Securus believes they are doing a work for the people when they set up their videos calling service, and they are giving us a chance to see someone we love. We see each other in a clear picture, and we believe it is possible to help our loved ones before they are released from jail.


#2: What Do We Do To Call Each Other?


I place the calls on my mobile phone, and the people at Securus place the calls for us. They make the calls simpler for us, and they show us how to make our calls go through quickly. I have spent quite a lot of time on the phone with family using Securus, and I can see the difference between their service and others.


#3: How Long May We Talk?


Speaking to family on Securus is fun because we have video that helps us feel as though we are there, and I have gotten around personal visits that I have not been able to drive for. Securus saves us money, and they connect us for hours if we believe it is necessary.


We have a video call set up for visitation through Securus every week, and I place the calls myself through the app. We see each other, speak for quite a long time and enjoy each other’s company.


Securus Technologies and Your Loved Ones

A lot of people do not like to think about a loved one or friend being in prison, but this is a very hard reality for so many families all across the country. In fact, you might not even realize just how difficult it can be to keep in touch with your loved one who is in prison until it happens to you. It is very difficult to see a person face to face when they are in prison because of all of the safety stipulations that prisons put into place according to what they need in order to implement security.


This is why a company known as Securus has truly taken the World by storm and is one of the best options for prison families all over the country. You will be amazed at what Securus can do for you and your loved ones and the different types of features and options that they have available to make life easier for you. They recently launched a multi-state campaign that is raising the awareness that people have of this amazing system and you will find this to be incredibly beneficial if you are new to the company as well.


You can learn a lot more about this amazing Company by visiting their website or social media accounts to see what other people are saying about them. My own experience using this company has been great and it is why I tell so many people about it and feel that it can totally change your life for the better. It is also incredibly easy for you to begin using Securus on a regular basis if this is something you would like to implement into your own life for better quality video visitation that is going to get you greater control over visiting your loved one behind bars.

Read more about Securus on Linkedin.



Securus Technologies as a Patent Producer

Securus Technologies, an information technology firm, has recently been placed under accusations of failed patents for its products. These accusations were brought about by another communications corporation, GTL, who claims that multiple patents have failed and that ownership rights for them would fall away from Securus. Due to the combined efforts of both Securus personnel and outside third party individuals these accusations have been proven to be inaccurate. This means that Securus can continue their business as they have been and ignore these baseless claims, keeping control of their software products and being able to maintain excellent relations with their customers and allies in the industry.


Securus Technologies is an interesting company as it focuses on providing communication solutions for a niche type of customer. Incarcerated individuals currently serving time in United States penal system are the vocal group that Securus is primarily interested in supporting. These inmates have direct access to Media products that secures provides for them such as video streaming programs that you can download for free on either Android or Apple devices. The remarkable thing about the application is that it produces a virtual environment for visitation purposes. No longer do family members, friends and loved ones have to worry about travel times, or waiting long periods to go through security checks when they reach the prison.


For these purposes Securus Technologies is a corporation that in a way can be considered completely customer-driven, focusing all of their attention and offering the best possible customer service to a group of individuals that Society usually deems unworthy of such novelties. Their continued support and dedication allows it to shine above other information technology corporations, which allows them to do business and is one of the reasons why these inconsistencies and inaccuracies being reported by GTL is baseless.

Free Calls Gifted by Securus

Many people in the United States are completely unaware that there is a very steep cost for any phone calls that are made to and from prison inmates and other detention center inmates. Due to these high costs, many people are forced to lose touch with their loved ones on the outside, resulting in the division of many families. In a recent article that was published to PRN Newswire’s website, the CEO of Securus Technologies, a Dallas Texas communications company, as well as a major supplier of communications and other prison supplies in the United States, decided to generously offer free phone calls in the areas that have been deeply impacted by all of the flooding.



It is clear by this decision that Securus is one of many companies that understand just how important it is for people to stick together in trying times. The company as a whole and the chief executive officer in particular are very aware and sensitive to the fact that it is important for people to be able to communicate with their loved ones in difficult times such as these. They will be offering the free phone calls for the prisoners and their families up until September 7th. It is estimated that there will be at least 250,00 free phone calls made between the inmates in their prison system networks and their families. According to a PRN Newswire article, it is estimated that the approximate value of these phone calls will reach more than $350,000. That is a huge savings to all of the families that have lost so much in the flooding.


There is still a lot to be learned about the sheer cost of prisoner communications, and the Dallas Texas based company Securus Technologies, which you can do by visiting this website: Securus Announces Free Calls to Those Incarcerated in the Louisiana State Prison System Due to Recent Floods