EOS Lip Balm and Their New Vegan Crystal Flavors Review

EOS Lip Balm is overtaking the market again. The company that made headlines and became loved by many for their unique circular containers is now making news for introducing a vegan alternative to their already popular lip balms, check also mapleholistics.com.

What is EOS Lip Balm and where did they come from? First off, EOS is not just letters they threw together, it stands for Evolution of Smooth, and is the true meaning of their chapstick. The founders Mehra, Jonathon Teller, and Craig Dubitsky, had colorful backgrounds ranging from consumer packaged-goods companies to startup companies.

They got together and discovered that there was untapped potential in the chapstick market, with many companies using the same models for chapstick that have been around for ages. This is where they found their edge, they were going to redesign the same old chapstick tube to something that people would enjoy using. They have done just that and since its founding over seven years ago, EOS Lip Balm has blossomed into a multi-million dollar company who’s growth is continuing each and every day, read more.

Check out also this site, https://imabeautygeek.com/2017/08/14/eos-crystal-lip-balm-review-and-chemist-interview/.

Fast-forward to current day. EOS has officially released their vegan lip balm. These lip balms do not include beeswax, which is what was holding them back from being vegan before, and now everyone can enjoy EOS lip balms. The new vegan lip balms come in two distinct flavors of Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. The public response to the new vegan lip balms has been overwhelmingly positive with the product is selling out instantly. At the low price point of $5.95 per unit, the affordable and revolutionary EOS lip balms are taking a step in the right direction going into the future.

You purchase all EOS lip balm flavors here on amazon.com.


Dr. Akhil Reddy Passion for Great Wines and Fashion

Dr. Akhil Reddy has a passion for dentistry, fashion and finding great wine buys. The experience gained all the years in these endeavors has enabled him to offer the best advice in all these realms, impacting his knowledge to other people. He is also an avid reader who enjoys catching up on his favorite books during his free time. He studied dentistry and Biology at the University of the Pacific and is currently the director of Just Health 510. Previously, he was a committee member of the Innovations in Membership Models Task Force of the California Dental Association, which shows impressive work achievements.

Dr. Akhil Reddy dedication to fashion prompted him to offer tips on stylish dressing under a white coat, which is a must have for most professionals working in hospitals or laboratories. The aim of this was to maintain style and be fashionable while still under the white coat and show professionalism. He gave several options such as putting on business casual, which is a variation of the dress shirt outfit but without a tie, having khakis or chinos and dress shirt commonly referred to as casual attire, dressing your dark jeans in a nice clean collared shirt, and wearing a turtleneck with dark khakis. When all these are implemented correctly, people can notice your style even under the white coat.

Reddy’s love for wine
Reddy has a mission of hunting down good varieties of wines. Therefore, Dr. Akhil Reddy was able to give a guide to Five-Star French Wine Finds at budget prices. He has learned that you can find good yet cheap wines. You need to pay attention to its taste, mystery of fermentation and type of grape used rather than its price tag. You can opt for French wine because it is sweet and it has a delicious scent. Additionally, it has a lot of choices if you have a budget of not more than $30. Here is a list of high profile wines as indicated by Reddy. They include Chateau d’ Aiguille, Chateau Beaumont, Asda Beaujolais, Cabernet Sauvignon, and La Vieille Ferme Rouge. He is currently working with MB2 dental whose mission is to offer affordable and quality healthcare.

Making Cloud Storage Work for You with NuoDB

Cloud storage is providing an increasing number of businesses with the technology they need to reliably manage data. If your company is still using onsite databases to handle information, consider the benefits of switching to the cloud.

Cloud database makes it possible to support a modern working environment in which employees can choose to spend full days at the office, maintain flexible schedules or telecommute. Using mobile apps, employees stay connected to the office and are able to work seamlessly with colleagues wherever they are. If you need input from a remote staff member, you can use the cloud to send a message or file and receive feedback in real time.

About 72 percent of businesses in the U.S. use private cloud environments.[http://www.rightscale.com/blog/cloud-industry-insights/cloud-computing-trends-2017-state-cloud-survey] Instead of relying on a public provider for cloud storage, these companies have cloud services designed specifically for their needs and accessible only by their employees. This minimizes potential security risks by offering more control over cloud access and allows for targeted allocation of available resources.

Using cloud applications to manage and send information speeds up communication within your company. Team members no longer have to send multiple emails to get a job done or worry about one colleague accidentally receiving an outdated file. Collaborating within the cloud allows employees to share files, send messages and search for data without jumping between applications. Since all information is updated instantly, time is saved and errors are minimized.

Universal Access
Any user with the proper login credentials can access data stored in the cloud. Permissions are controlled based on what each user needs to do his or her job, and you also have the option to grant access to those outside the company. This opens up new possibilities for collaboration with industry leaders around the world. Time isn’t an issue because the cloud is available even when your office is closed.

Better Budgeting
Traditional data storage relies on servers and databases maintained onsite, meaning your company is required to purchase new hardware every time the influx of data increases. If storage needs are reduced in the future, you’re stuck with an expensive infrastructure and resources you can’t use. Cloud storage can be scaled in both directions so that you only pay for what you use. You’re never limited by the inability to upgrade onsite hardware or forced to maintain storage you don’t need.

Quick Disaster Recovery
How long would it take your business to recover essential data and files if your onsite systems failed? With the cloud, you don’t have to face the possibility of spending weeks or months finding what you need to get back on track. Cloud storage often includes routine backups, and cloud providers store data across multiple servers to provide the redundancy necessary to ensure your data is always available.

As your business grows, you’re likely to discover you require more flexibility than standard cloud environments allow. It’s hard to predict how much data you’ll have to handle on a daily basis, and experiencing a sudden spike in the flow of information could cripple databases lacking the necessary flexibility. NuoDB provides a new form of SQL designed to be scalable, resilient and reliable.

Using NuoDB to handle data and workloads supports a better user experience. Thanks to a focus on ACID compliance, this SQL technology is elastic, consistent and durable. Transactions go smoothly no matter how much of a load your database has to carry, allowing you to take full advantage of the benefits the cloud offers for managing and expanding your business.

The Admirable Early Music Career of Cassio Audi

In these current times, Cassio Audi is known as a great leader who has had success in startups, global organizations and other business establishments. It is however notable that Cassio Audi had a very admirable early music career, whereby he was one of the founding members of Viper rock band. They started the band in the year 1985 together with Yves Passarel, Andre Machado, Felipe Machado and Pit Passarell. The contribution of Cassio Audi in that band was respected and it made him renown in the music industry. The role that Cassio Audi played in the band was playing drums, which he did until the year 1989.

The success of the Viper rock band was mainly due to the inspiration that the band members got from Iron Maiden as well as the British heavy metal music. It is worth noting that Cassio Audi was quite gifted at what he did for the band and he could have surely made a splendid career as a musician. His ability to play the instruments perfectly was echoed by everyone who was lucky enough as to experience their music. He would have definitely made a great career in that music industry.

Audi’s ability to play the drums was quickly picked up around the world when they released their initial demo album that was called The Killer Sword. It is especially worth noting that English was the second language of the band, thereby emphasizing the great prowess that the band possessed. Despite Audis bright music career, he finally left the band in the year 1989 and went to college where he enrolled in a degree course. It is after this that Cassio Audi ventured into the world of business where he has been up to date and has experienced the same success as he did in his early music career.

Adventurously Expanding Honey Birdette

It has just been announced that Hoeney Birdette is undertaking a massive expansion spanning two contenents. The sultry adult retailer currently has a handful of shops in the U.K., but plans to turn those few into at minimum of forty in the U.K. by the end of next year. According to the same article, Honey Birdette is not stopping there, having seen a 374% increase in sales from the U.S. via their online platform, they also now have ambitions to move their operation across the pond. While there are currently no announcements of where those U.S. stores will be, Honey Birdette is said to be targeting the country.

Honey Birdette is an Australian retailer aimed at creating luxury adult toys, and lingerie. Their facebook page boasts several alluring lingerie sets, and kinky golden sets of bondage toys, beneath the phase “Sundays are for spanking.” Their pinterest page also contains boards filled with enticing women, sporting sexy lingerie, which can be purchased via their website. With such an aggressive and clever social media strategy, it comes as no surprise that sales are increasing at such a rapid pace.

All this social media campaigning should drive customers to the website, where they will find a full-scale variety of adult toys, bras, panties, and much more. The website can be seamlessly navigated, and switched between locals, i.e. U.S., Canada, and the U.K. Many of the adult products have accompanying sexy how-to videos, for newbies to the world of sensuality. Overall the expansion of Honey Birdette, is slated to be a roaring success that could easily put retailers like Victoria’s Secret out of business.

How To Fix Your Online Reputation

Are you worried that someone might do something to tarnish your online reputation? Looking for a reliable way to keep track of what people are saying about you online? May be you already know what a bad reputation can do to a business or professional.

Every successful business person knows the importance of hiring an expert online reputation management service. Bad press or negative reviews will certainly drive potential customers or clients away from your business.

These days, almost every transaction or purchase starts online and if a potential or current customer locates detrimental content or remarks about you or your firm on the web, then you definitely have a higher chance of losing that opportunity, and many others.

Anything anybody says about you or your business online has an impact on you and your business. It can be positive or it can be negative.

Monitoring what others are saying about your company is an essential aspect of maintaining your online reputation. This is referred to as Online Reputation Management. This requires keeping the most relevant, useful search results about your personal profile or your firm on the top pages of search engine results.

It takes a great deal of effort and time establish a solid reputation, and that great reputation can be ruined with a single tweet. Native people are everywhere and they will sometimes post derogatory remarks about you or your company simply because they don’t like you. They will share their opinions with others. How do you know what is being posted about you? Well, you need to have a system in place to monitor your reputation online.

There are many companies that provide this service, making it easy for you to portray a great image while running your business. Not all of these companies provide the same type or level of service, so it is advisable to research properly.

At The Search Fixers, you will receive reliable reputation management service that will help you portray a good image. These experts help clients improve many aspects of their reputation management issues and establish their credibility online. They develop, manage and enhance their clients’ profiles by using a variety of strategies. Their SEO specialists and content publishing experts use their skills to push down negative content and push up positive content, which boost their online reputation. Visit The Search Fixers at their website to check out their services.

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