Traveling Vineyard- Recap Article

Napa Valley is known for it’s beautiful countryside vineyards, and is a mecca to wine lovers all over the United States and beyond. However, many people who visit Napa Valley miss out on Napa’s other attractions when they stick to the vineyards and tasting rooms. California’s beautiful weather almost necessitates that you take advantage of some of their beautiful outdoor attractions. The Robert Louis Stevenson State Park offers a rigorous climb up Mt. Saint Helena so you can enjoy the breathtaking vista of California’s rolling hills and treelines.

Many people might not know that grapes for wine aren’t Napa Valley’s only commodity. A visit to Round Pond Estate will give you an inside peak into old world production of Mediterranean olives and olive by-products like oils and spices. You can also educate yourself on Napa’s history with a visit to the Napa Valley Historical Society and see physical remnants of Napa’s past.

Napa offers many other attractions including the Auberge Spa if you need to unwind for a day, cooking classes at the Silverado Cooking School, or even a stroll through the Napa Art Walk.

If you are worried about missing out on the wineries, don’t be dismayed. With Traveling Vineyard you can plan your own wine tastings and bring Napa Valley’s offerings home to your friends and family. Traveling Vineyard started in 2001 and allows you to make money at home by offering you the training and support you need in order to start hosting events from your home or back yard. Traveling Vineyard provide you with wines to sample and tasting glasses to get you started after your training. An area leader will give you all the training and support you need in order to get started on your journey.

If you love wine and always thought it’d be fun to help others discover the complexities and delights of your favorite styles, this might be the perfect opportunity for you. Working with Traveling Vineyards will also make you the most coveted host in your friend group.