Keep summer going with EOS Lip balm

Summer goes way too fast and the end of it has me longing for the summer flavors so that I can treasure them all year long. With EOS lip balm this is possible due to a wide range of lip balm flavors that a designed to capture these summer flavors.

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EOS has long been one of the best makers of lip balm, but are commonly considered to be a premium products due to the quality ingredients that they use which is organic and natural. The premium that customers pay for the higher quality balm is minor and EOS lip balm provides for a longer lasting protection and better overall flavor due to the lack of additives in the lip balm. EOS has a whole range of interesting and compelling summer themed flavors of lip balm, refer to this link.

Examples of EOS summer lip balms start with their summer fruit flavor. Summer fruit EOS lip balm contains flavors of blueberry, peach and other berries and is a refreshing summer flavor, collect and buy products here at The flavor of berries is ever present in this blend and provides a unique offering. Strawberry sorbet is another great choice for summer. Strawberry sorbet tastes like real strawberries and doesn’t have medicine like taste that competing products have which makes it a great summer option. Summer means fresh fruits and the tropical flavor of the EOS passion fruit lip balm really shines through. The flavor of passion fruit is unique and tropical and displays the truly exotic flavors that people love. Finally, honeydew honeysuckle is a great summer flavor that provides a light and refreshing flavor that has both fruit and floral notes to it which can be repeatedly be applied without leaving any stinging aftertaste. The light flavor really shines through here.

Extend your summer all year round with your summer themed EOS lip balm. See EOS’ page for more exciting news.