EOS Lip Balm For Summer Lip Protection

When the heat of the summer is in full effect the sun and the high temperatures can really do a number on your skin and your lips. Regularly using lip balm is important to help keep your lips hydrated and protected, but using a product with a useful level of SPF is also ideal. Evolution Of Smooth, or EOS, produces products that are hypoallergenic and they also help block the harmful UV rays of the sun. Thoroughly tested by dermatologists and trusted by the EOS family, product flavors such as Strawberry Smoothie, Passion Fruit, Vanilla Bean and Lemon Drop will not only help protect your lips in the summer months but you’ll love using these products. See products here on kohls.com.



In each little tub of EOS lip balm you’ll find all natural ingredients that have been used for hundreds or years to keep the skin healthy. Shea butter, vitamin E, jojoba oil and much more can be found in each EOS product and all are safe to use yourself or by your family members. You’ll love the organic product line to ensure even more that what you’re putting on your lips is safe.

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Product Packaging

While you may not have tried Evolution Of Smooth’s products you probably have seen them before. Their lip balms come packaged in tiny, circular pods that are unlike other stick-shaped glosses and balms on the market. Their design makes them easy to find in your bag or drawer and the flavors are so fun you’ll feel like you want to grab a new one every time you are at the store. Summer is the perfect time for Blueberry Acai, Blackberry Nectar and Coconut Milk, browse products here.

Many people have sensitivities to chemicals and other ingredients such as gluten-based ingredients. With EOS you can rest assured knowing that all products are gluten free, natural and safe for you to use on a regular basis.

Additional Source: https://www.evolutionofsmooth.de/.