Andy Wirth Ensures Drought Does Not Manage Ski Resort Future

During a recent quest for some different talk radio to listen to, I came across the show “Press Play with Madeleine Brand” found on KCRW. Ms. Brand began by informing listeners about how our world is currently seeing less and less snow, which causes concerns about ski resorts that force many to end the season early.

To answer these challenging concerns, Ms. Brand began an interview with Andy Wirth, the impressive CEO of Olympic Valley, California’s Squaw Valley Ski Holding, which includes Alpine Meadows and Tahoe Ski resorts. While the ski resort saw a decent ski season, Andy admitted that the recent California winter was slightly difficult due to the “Ridiculously Resilient Ridge” (RRR) keeping the low pressure system away from mountains.

To combat this issue, Andy explained that despite less snow the resorts offer plenty of skiing, yet they do have a variety of recreational prospects for summer as well as winter such as meetings, weddings and many other planned events. With the resort’s 6000 acres, 4000 of it is used for skiing, yet a good time is guaranteed and results have been advantageous, despite less snow.

Ms. Brand discussed concerns about the winter’s El Nino, but Andy Wirth has his own opinions about the storm. For instance by the nonappearance of the RRR and an occurrence of good temperatures and moisture, it may provide satisfactory circumstances for the ski resort, which could prove out to be colder winter temperatures.

When questioned about how much snow or rain the ski resorts will see, Andy advised that a lack of the RRR’s warm days will cause a colder winter season, unlike those seen recently. He acknowledged that the resorts are making alterations to the weather however, so the future will see more snow making in the ski resort business.

Ms. Brand amusingly reminded Andy on how much of his job necessitates the use of meteorology in his business relations. Andy chuckled, admitting how all of his jobs have been tied to weather performance.

With his 25 plus years of experience, Andy Wirth’s brilliant career has been geared towards the business of mountain resorts and hotels. Wirth first found work with such companies as the Steamboat Springs Resort. The year 2010 saw Wirth take over for Nancy Cushing as Squaw Valley’s CEO.

Andy Wirth does not allow the drought to run the ski resort business; rather he ensures that the resorts offer the best skiing, lodging, food, customer service and more.

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