Lime Crime – The Makeup Brand To Promote Self-Expression

The cosmetics company called LimeCrime which is headquartered in Los Angeles takes the word ‘daring’ to a whole new level as it hops over the regular shades of lip and eye makeup and settles with the most intense colors that astound a lot of consumers in an excellent manner.


How The Brand Came About


Lime Crime was established by the CEO Doe Deere back in 2008. It started as a simple account name that the founder saw and registered as on eBay where she retailed the clothing pieces that she made by herself four years prior to the brand’s conception. As modeling the apparels required her to put on full makeup on a regular basis, she noticed the scarcity of vividly colored cosmetics on the market and acted upon it by creating the company.

What The Name Stands For


Although Doe Deere has admitted that that obtaining the name was a matter of coincidence, she said that branding her business as such has given her and all the people working for the company the opportunity to promote freedom of self-expression to many. According to the CEO, Lime Crime serves as a reminder to everyone that it is alright to not confine oneself within the rules imposed by the society, as well as to have fun while bravely facing the ups and downs that life can bring.


Doe has thought of calling their supporters and consumers Unicorns due to their resemblance to the imaginary animal’s distinctiveness and ability to accept its differences from the others while remaining proud about it.  The Facebook fans love it, and Lime Crime has an Instagram user base of more than 2 million.


She mentioned as well that only her products are only suitable for daring people – the kind who are not terrified to challenge the limits that have been in action since this generation’s birth. This is therefore what the name of the company stands for.


The Cosmetic Products


As shown by’s massive online selection, Lime Crime generates cosmetics specifically for the eyes and lips, and they just launched a brand new line of lip products, as reported by PR Newswire. Both categories consist of metallic, matte and combination types which appear in a wide range of rich hues. While they provide nice, surprising colors, what is truly wonderful regarding these makeup products is that they have all been produced without making use of ingredients or testing methods that may come from or involve cruelty to animals. As a pet lover, the company’s CEO has ascertained that their merchandise will be animal-friendly, and for this they have even acquired the approval of an organization like PETA.