How To Choose A Lawyer For Your Business Needs

Many individuals are worried about their investments and financial situation, so any person who feels that his investment broker has acted unethically may bring litigation against brokers who do not conduct appropriately or in the best interest of the clients. Also if a wealth management advisory firm or financial advisor gets into a bad deal without careful research, and you lose money, you can pursue litigation as a remedy for your situation.


When business conflicts occur between two business entities, finding resolution without resorting to lawsuit will always be preferable for everyone involved. In cases where that just isn’t possible, a good business litigation attorney may be invaluable in protecting your rights and your company’s business interests.

Throughout a person’s time in business, legal problems are likely to occur, causing unexpected financial and time constraints on your business or company. There are many lawyers out there who handle all issues regarding business disputes and related matters but you need to choose carefully.


You need someone who is committed to providing only the best services to each of his business clients. With an experienced and competent business lawyer by your side, you can navigate the complex legal system with accurate knowledge and guidance.


Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a well respected Brazilian lawyer, specializing in business and corporate litigation. Ricardo Tosto caters to business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, corporations, multinational companies, politicians and high profile individual clients.


Ricardo Tosto aggressively pursues litigation solutions short of trial, and he has notable expertise in alternative dispute settlement methods such as mediation and arbitration. In structuring settlements, he assesses the overall implications, both in the near-term and for the future. When trial is necessitated, he brings outstanding experience and skill to the courtroom as well as an impressive record of success.


His ultimate objective is to advance his clients’ interests. He is aware that a client’s business plan, competitive profile, and balance sheet are important elements for competently positioning litigation issues from the outset. He is dedicated to developing strategies to help his clients solve their hardest dilemmas.

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