Finding a New EOS Lip Balm

I love EOS for their strong lip balms which protect my lips even in the sturdy conditions. That said, I have gotten a bit tired of the three flavors that I tend to favor; sweet mint, vanilla bean, and strawberry sorbet. As such I decided to branch out and find some new lip balm flavors to try.

What makes EOS so unique is their dedication to quality, refer to Their lip balm uses better ingredients which make it last longer and provide more protection than the competition which rely on artificial ingredients as its base and for flavoring. This does not provide the protection that people need. EOS has a better quality lip balm which adds moisture to your lips, provides vitamin e to your lips for repair, and has wonderful flavor options to try.

Selecting the right variety of lip balm can be a real challenge given the variety that the brand offers. I decided to try several of the fruit based options starting with blueberry acai and blackberry nectar since berries are my favorite fruit, as demonstrated by the strawberry sorbet which I use all the time.

While I love blueberry flavored products, acai is something that typically doesn’t appeal to me. Acai tends to have a slightly off flavor in my mind, but leave it to the scientists at EOS to compensate for that. Since EOS doesn’t use artificial ingredients in their lip balm blueberry acai didn’t have any of the off flavors that I typically associate with it. Hop over on for exciting details.

Blackberry nectar was even more pure of a flavor and was refreshing and enjoyable to apply. It was a mellow flavor that had a sensual flavor that was clean and enjoyable.

While I liked all of the new flavors that I tried, blackberry nectar was by far my favorite and will be one of the main flavors that I will use in the future.

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