Lip Balms Past And Present

Evolution Of Smooth offers some of the most popular lip balms in the world. EOS is a fairly new company in the lip balm industry in comparison with Chapstick. Chapstick was the main lip balm for about the last century. Chapstick offers its customers lip balm that is gender-neutral, and its formula has not changed that much over the years. Chapstick was the lip balm that individuals chose because they were accustomed to it. When the creators of EOS decided to come out with their lip balms, they wanted to totally flip the script.

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The EOS Difference

The creators of EOS wanted to be able to create a lip balm that was designed for a woman’s needs. They realized that they would only be able to get a true idea of what a woman needed if they asked them, so they created a survey. Through their survey, they were able to find out what women wanted in the ingredients and feel of a lip balm. EOS designed their lip balm to be easily identifiable in a purse, and the design and feel of the lip balm made the application process enjoyable.


Some Popular EOS Flavors

Women quite often are concerned with the ingredients in their personal care products, so EOS made sure that all of their lip balms were only made with organic and cruelty free ingredients. There are a large number of different EOS flavors, but by far, the most popular are Summer Fruit, Honeysuckle Honeydew, Blueberry Acai, and Pomegranate Raspberry. These are lip balms that are great smelling, and they help to heal lips and give them needed moisture, all available here on EOS lip balm was able to do something that no other lip balm was able to do. They were able to take out Chapstick and create a world renowned lip balm.