Expert Opinion On Post Trump 2017 Investment Market

Timothy or Tim Armour is one of the most popular portfolio managers from Los Angeles, USA. He is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Capital Group which is considered as the largest firms in the country with more than $1.4 Trillion in secured funds.

Very recently, the Group has partnered with Samsung Asset Management, a Seoul-based based equity firm to cater to Korean market with their innovative retirement and asset allocation solutions. Also, the Group is also working with numerous clients on a global scale as well. Tim also serves as the of Management Committee of Capital Group’s Chairman and Capital Research and Management Company, Inc. as PEO and Chairman where he started his career 33 years ago.

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In addition, to lead such a huge group, Tim also loves to help investors with his strategic insights about the investment market. While everyone is in the dark about the future of investment market under the new Trump Administration, He has developed some predictions about this industry. As Federal Reserves, has increased interest rate for the second time, he is hopeful that corporate earning is about rising very soon. But he predicts that if the rise of investment market depends on the growth in the global market as well. While the major countries such as China and Japan are going through some economic reforms, he is also confident that things are finally moving towards a positive direction in 2017. However, he warns the investors the keep incident such as Market Selloff in September 2015 that tremored the stock market. But he has a different perspective on such phenomenon. According to Tim, the stock at that time was overpriced which was putting the market in a risky situation. Hence, it was an inevitable move from China to stabilize the market by devaluating their currency. So, the investors should be aware of such things in future. He also suggests that the investors may try their luck in 2017 with banks, internet, and commodity-based companies with more fighting chances in 2017. He also advises the investors to look for an active fund manager who is willing to invest along with their clients and aggressive to work hard in earning their profit.

Tim has more than 33 years of investment expertise and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Middlebury College. He started with Capital group as an Associate and initially worked as an Equity Investment Analyst. He is based in Los Angeles and involved with some social & voluntary causes.