How EOS Lip Balm Created a Global Brand

Any start-up can have a very difficult time breaking into a market that has already been dominated by a competitor. This was very true for EOS lip balm when they were going up against Chapstick. However, EOS lip balm found a niche in which they were able to dominate. Their unique packaging and clever marketing have helped them to outsell Chapstick and become the second largest lip balm manufacturer in the world only second to Burt’s Bees.

Marketing to Millenials can be a difficult thing to do. You need to seem hip and cool. When you have celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian pulling your product out of their purses, it is actually quite easy to do, however. The unique round packaging and stylish colors also caught on in the fashion industry quickly, as well. Many publications in the beauty and fashion industry quickly began to praise the ability of EOS lip balm to be an addition to your outfit. Read more about EOS on

With the massive growth of EOS lip balm in just a decade, this $250 million dollar company is positioned to be worth nearly $2 billion in 2020. When both founders of EOS lip balm took a look at the lip balm industry, it seemed as though the big players were becoming lazy. They believed that everyone would have to keep buying their products out of necessity and creative marketing and packaging always took a backseat. This is something that EOS was not lazy about from the beginning. Their obsession with great branding, packaging, and marketing made them among the best in the world in just one short decade. Surpassing a company that has been around ten times longer than you is a feat that many companies never will reach. The future looks very bright for EOS as they continue to innovate in the lip balm industry.

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