FreedomPop Customers With Sim Card Phones Have International Calling Options

A FreedomPop review just proves that they have so much to offer their customers that a lot of people have not hesitated in making the change to switch from their present phone company over to FreedomPop. Before FreedomPop made some changes, many thought that their services had data restrictions that were too strict, but with several ways to get unlimited data, many are choosing FreedomPop like never before. There are several plans that FreedomPop has for wireless services, including the free plan, the paid plan, and the unlimited everything plan. Every plan, except the unlimited everything plan, has limited data.


With the free plan, the data is limited to 500 MB per month. With the paid plan for $10.99, the data has a limit of 500 MB per month too. Although the data is limited on both the paid and free plans, FreedomPop has implemented ways for their users to get free data by completing offers, and every offer that is completed will give the user free data credits of at least 10 MB. The data credits may be permanent and repeat themselves on the user’s account every month, or some credits are only earned as a one time thing.


Using Wi-Fi service is also another great way to add unlimited data to the free or paid plan if the user wants it. Those who have chosen the unlimited everything plan will only pay $19.99 for the plan and will also get all the data that they can use. With the data starting at 4G LTE speeds and 1 GB of it being included with the plan, the speeds only slows to 3G speeds after the 4G data is all used up. Even with 3G data, a user will never run out of the data they need if they have the unlimited everything plan.


The great thing about the mobile plans that FreedomPop has is that they can be customized, especially the unlimited everything plan, which can have additional 4G LTE data added to the plan by the gigabyte. Other ways to customize the cell phone service is by adding international calling plans, and many of the plans will have unlimited talk time to call other countries. Anyone who has a FreedomPop sim card should rejoice because they can use the same sim card overseas to talk in dozens of countries, which isn’t possible for a FreedomPop customer with a Sprint phone.

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