Finding New lip balm flavors from EOS

I have long been a big fan of EOS lip balms due to their reliance on a variety of high quality and all-natural ingredients that promise to add protection to your lips. While many of the competing products use petroleum jelly, they rely on better quality ingredients that protect your lips for a longer period of time. For me, this means that I am not forced to reapply EOS lip balm every twenty minutes as their lip balm lasts much longer than all of the other brands that I have used over the years.

My favorite blend of EOS lip balm is vanilla mint. While other brands sell mint flavored lip balms, they often have a very medicine like flavor to me. Vanilla mint doesn’t and has a lot of additional complexity associated with it. EOS’ vanilla mint lip balm is comforting to apply and doesn’t really get boring for me to apply. Having said that, a mix of other flavors are ready to mix in and try something new from time to time.

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I started my experimentation with the summer fruit flavored lip balm, partly to celebrate the end of summer. Summer fruit mainly tastes like fresh peaches but has a variety of other berry flavors mixed in like blueberry that provide for an overall delicious and luscious application. Try to shop here at This combination of flavors was welcoming and a surprise not only in their overall flavor but also in their complexity.

The next flavor I tried was a new offering; vanilla orchid from the EOS crystal line, refer also to The EOS Crystal line is vegan and contains no wax or other animal by-products. While I was worried that something would be lost without beeswax, the vanilla orchid lip balm was a great flavor that stood out and applied with a rich and luscious coat.

The moral of the story is that you should consider jumping around and trying new flavors. EOS has quite a variety of them and they can add a significant amount of variety to your daily routine.