How Evolution Of Smooth Took Over The Lip balm Market

Defining A Generation

Millennials are changing just about everything they come in contact with. They are changing technology, entertainment, and in a surprising twist they are now staking out a place in the lip balm market. The aptly named lip balm brand Evolution of Smooth is taking over the lip balm market. Currently Evolution of Smooth enjoys a comfortable position as the 2nd most popular brand of lip balm in the United States. The focus on using only all natural ingredients and using social media to raise brand awareness is behind the rise of EOS,

All Natural And Automated

The appeal of EOS lip balm lies in its use of completely natural ingredients. Absolutely nothing that goes into EOS lip balm is derived from artificial source. Millennials are the most environmentally conscious generation we’ve seen so far and this reflects their interests. Another distinct Millennial twist to EOS lip balm is the complete automation of the production line. Every step of the way EOS products are produced by machines. This gives EOS a much higher profit margin than other brands, but it also speaks to the character of the company. This is a brand and a company fully devoted to providing the world the next generation of lip balm.

The Exciting Future Of Evolution Of Smooth

The most exciting thing about EOS is the potential for branching out. The eBay available brand can extend itself with other products and expand its social media marketing on Facebook. The recent release of EOS shaving cream is step in this direction. If that venture provides success EOS will likely continue down this road. Millennials want to see the world around them change. If the rise of Evolution of Smooth is any indication it seems like they will finally have their own brand of lip balm.