Getting the Most from Your Talkspace Experience

If your doctor has recommended that you go to therapy, you might be wondering how to begin making appointments and finding the time to get there. If you do not have health insurance, therapy can also be a true expense that seems next to impossible to afford. Unfortunately, forgoing your mental health and not seeing a therapist is not going to do you any good. It’s been found that people who suffer from depression do not take care of themselves in the way that they would if they were feeling mentally well. Other disorders, like bipolar, can affect your relationships and career.

If you’ve struggled with traditional therapy and find it to be both inconvenient and expensive, it’s time to take a different route. This route is in the form of Talkspace, which is a New York-based app designed to make getting therapy easier and more affordable. With Talkspace, you simply download an app and create an account that is specific to your needs. Once you’re matched with a therapist, you will be able to video chat with them, send messages or simply communicate them by text. Whatever is most comfortable for you at the moment, Talkspace makes available to you.

The beauty about using Talkspace as a therapy option is that it’s ideal for individuals who are simply too mentally unwell to leave their homes. People with agoraphobia or panic disorder may forgo leaving their house and avoid going to therapy because of this fear. If this has been an issue for you in the past, Talkspace closes this gap and brings your therapy into your home where you are most comfortable. There are thousands of people currently using Talkspace with great success, and it’s a viable alternative to the traditional therapy that you’ve been going to for years.