Chris Burch Nihiwatu Best Resort In The World

In 2012, serial entrepreneur Chris Burch bought a beach hostel in Sumba, Indonesia. After $30 million in renovation, the five star resort was reopened in 2015 and voted by Travel+Leisure the best hotel in the world in 2016. Chris seems to have an intuitive ability to find and enhance business opportunities to their maximum potential. This time he found an idyllic location, an island east of Bali, to offer vacationers world class surfing, sport fishing, hiking, yoga and spa treatment. Nihiwatu is made up of 27 private villas. According to Chris in an article published in Business Insider, the beautiful palette allowed him to do things that couldn’t be done anywhere else, such as build a spa under a waterfall. He and co-owner James McBride hopes to duplicate the experience in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Not only does Nihiwatu offer a world class vacation experience to visitors but also acts as a philanthropic vehicle that helps support the local community through the Sumba Foundation and is the island’s largest employer.

One may put Chris Burch’s success off to his having a Midas touch, but he offers some of his wisdom and insight to readers at After earning his first $165 million from a $2000 investment in to Eagle’s Eye apparel in 1976 while still an undergrad, Chris Burch used his investment savvy to help promote the success of more than 50 different businesses. His 40 years of investing, creating and supporting innovation spans a wide rage on industries including technology, real estate and fashion. He became a billionaire in 2012 and still is the principal of Burch Creative Capital. Ellen DeGeneres ED fashion line, Cocoon9 and Poppin are included in his investment portfolio.  Check His strategy for success include having a vision in new market opportunities to which he applies imagination and creativity. His ability to incubate, support and scale leads to brands that disrupt and businesses that have a positive, direct and lasting impact on the lives of consumers.

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Burch Creative Capital now supports the development of lifestyle and consumer products including home furnishings, retail and apparel as well as organic foods, technology and the hospitality industries. If Hihiwatu is the gauge by which we measure, we can expect still greater from Chris Burch and Burch Creative Capital.  For updates of Burch timeline activities, hop over to

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