Anthony Petrello’s Exquisite Leadership Skills

Anthony Petrello is the current President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board at Nabors Industries Ltd. Anthony holds a J.D. degree from Havard Law School. He also has a BS and MS degree in Mathematics from the Yale University. He is 62 years old and considered to be among the top 10 highest compensated CEO in the United States. Anthony Petrello profile suggests that he has always been providing impressive leadership skills in a specialized and complex business industry, leading to increased company’s achievement and growth.

Lloyd Grove was Anthony’s college roommate and he once wrote an article about him. The article was published in The Daily Beast. His attention on Anthony was first created when he saw the list of the top 10 highest paid CEO. He describes Anthony Peterllo, commony known as ‘Tony’, as a skinny scholarship from Newark who had a very thick Jersey accent. He described his personality as extrovert who had a soft spot for pizza. According to Lloyd, Tony loved making jokes especially those concerning his family. His love for mathematics was also exceptional, making him one of the most favorite students of Prof. Serge Lang, a world-class mathematician.

About Nabor Industries

Nabors Industries, headed by Anthony, is an international industry that serves and operates in different countries including Middle East, Africa, Far East, and North America. The company generally provides equipment and services applicable to offshore drilling. It also provides supportive service for both off and on-shore oil drilling services. It has over 29 marine vessels that assist in its off-shore operations. Nabors Industries, under Tony, has enjoyed years of success since he joined the company 12 years ago. Its wide operation across different continent requires an exceptional leader. As such, it goes without saying, Anthony Petrello dedication and commitment to the Nabours industries is a clear sign that the company has a bright future. To know more click here.