Speaking Spanish and Preston Smith for Rocketship Education

John Danner and Preston Smith created Rocketship Education, a charter school focused on low-income neighborhoods, in California just one decade ago. At eighteen facilities belonging to the pair’s line of network schools, Rocketship Education hosts more than 3,750 students grades K-5.

RSED, as it’s sometimes initialized to on the Internet, is able to take funding from governments and independent parties without having to adhere to the rules of school boards, often laying down guidelines that don’t fit all involved schools’ needs.

Rocketship Education came out with its first location in San Jose over a decade ago. Preston Smith had been an educator for only six years in low-income California prior to founding his second school at the time, the first being L.U.C.H.A. Elementary School. This facility was founded by a group assembled by Preston Smith and included fellow educators from nearby schools and parents that lived in high-poverty areas that did not currently have good schools.

Preston Smith has effectively improved the quality of school where he’s been a part of its founding or administrative team. The first school was created in 2004, three years itself before Rocketship Education was founded.

He next went to San Jose State University for a master’s in Educational Leadership and Administration, finishing in 2006. It was after this time period when he had enough credentials to haul in success at Rocketship Education.

However, Mr. Smith learned more things about teaching and pedagogy throughout his first decade with the United States-leading charter school network. One of these in the importance of parents. At Rocketship Education’s Nashville locations, teachers have been interviewed by parents, taking advantage of the useful resources parents commonly play for each of the network’s eighteen locations.

Preston Smith has relied on the meaningful inclusion model, aiming to allocate more than four-fifths’ of disabled students spending their days in general-purpose classes.

Recently, he earned a master’s of business administration from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton school of business. His high educational attainment, ability to relate to Hispanic minorities with fluent Spanish and perseverance have made him a leading Principal at low-income charter schools in the United States.