What’s Cleaner Than A Whistle? Clue: It’s Handy!

If you were to ask any housewives what the biggest headache is they don’t look forward to on a weekly or monthly basis, surely it would be cleaning. Well, that said, you folks reading this article will receive a congratulations from Handy if you allow them to remove this burden you hate once and for all. Handy.com would like to offer you an affordable cleaning plan that will be hard to refuse. This sweet deal also includes a frequency you get to choose and better yet, they bring their own tools and cleaning supplies – yikes! And, yes, these cleaning wizards have experience, are professional, and have already had a background check, so you can forget about having to allow persons in your property you don’t know.

Here Is What’s Included In A Cleaning!

* Bedroom, living room and common areas that get the most traffic.

* Bathrooms: They will clean and sanitize places you won’t like sinks, tubs, showers and yes, all the toilets and floors.

* Kitchen: Wipe down all exterior areas like stoves. microwave, oven and refrigerator.

And if you wish to have a deeper cleaning job that’s an extra, you can include cleaning inside the stove/oven and cabinets.

Note: The Handy Team will not clean outside windows, badly stained stuff, mold or insects. Another plus you will get from Handy is they will take out all the garbage and remove material that can be recycled. You won’t get this option from other cleaning companies.

By this time, you’re probably scratching your head wondering how this company can do all this at an affordable cost. Well, the answer is they do it for a living. Maybe it’s time you contacted: Handy: Inc.com. If you want your home or business clean, you want somebody who is Handy – (get it?)