Dr. David Samadi: Surgery Versus Radiation Procedures for Treating Prostate Cancer

Although prostate cancer is among the leading causes of death in men, Dr. David Samadi —a board-certified urologist—is optimistic that with the right urologists, men have better chances of beating back prostate cancer. Dr. David Samadi uses Mitt Romney, Colin Powell, and John Kerry—all of whom beat prostate cancer—to argue out his case that prostate cancer is indeed a manageable condition.

Dr. David Samadi is of the view that the method chosen to combat prostate cancer—surgery or radiation—is a significant determinant of whether a patient beats cancer or otherwise. Romney, Powell, and Kerry each chose surgery, and they are grateful for their decisions. Dr. David Samadi openly vouches for surgery over radiation.

Over the years, Dr. Samadi has established that men who opt for radiation have lower chances of surviving prostate cancer than men who decide to undergo surgery. Statistically, men treated with radiation are twice as likely to die from prostate cancer and one-and-half-times likely to die sooner than men treated through surgery. In addition, radiation exposes men to the possibility of developing secondary cancer such as cancer of the rectum and cancer of the bladder. And the decision to go the radiation way may be irreversible. Dr. David Samadi stresses that urologists find it challenging to perform surgeries on prostate cancer patients who have undergone radiation and for one reason or the other want to undergo the surgical treatment procedure.

Although surgery may seem the superior method of treatment, Dr. David Samadi says it is applicable only when prostate cancer is localized, meaning that it is present just in the prostate gland. In addition, the experience of a urologist come into play when surgery is the preferred method. The number of successful surgeries heshe has performed and other pertinent issues including sexual function after surgery are critical.

Dr. David Samadi

Also known as a celebrity doctor, Dr. David Samadi is based at Lenox Hill Hospital. He is an experienced urologist, and he is in charge of the hospital’s urology department and robotic surgery. Dr. David Samadi has practiced his specialty in many leading medical institutions including Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and Mt. Sinai School of Medicine.

Apart from extensive media exposure, Dr. David Samadi regularly contributes to the field of medicine, especially research on prostate cancer. His papers, and those he developed alongside others, have been published in leading medical journals such as “Case Reports in Urology.”

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The Accomplishments of Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll is a doctor as well as a businessman. The entrepreneur was born in Brazil and is of the Brazilian descent. The businessman founded a hospital network known as the D’or. The hospital is a private one and is ranked one of the largest facilities in Brazil. The cardiologist’s Institute of research has revolutionized the healthcare in Brazil.


The treatment involving patients has been improved through his hospital. The healthcare in the world has progressed through the innovations that have been conducted on various equipment (GloboPlay). The technology that has been improved in the health sector has greatly improved the industry. New horizons in the health sector have advanced since many individuals have improved the new technology.


An individual normally feels relieved after doing some chores. This is because the muscles have been relaxed and there is free circulation of blood into their system. The system of an individual is usually relaxed when some chores are done. Jorge Moll is ranked among the greatest individuals in the health sector.


Jorge Moll”s expertise is evident from the way he has conducted his research. The scientist has made a great discovery between health and volunteering. A research was conducted in 2015 on Brazilians. From the research, it was discovered that twenty -eight percent of the population have done some voluntary work.


Young people have actively engaged themselves in the voluntary work (http://www.idor.org/nossa-equipe). The young individuals’ ratings were rated at seventy-two percent. The individuals had few resources in their lives and that is why they volunteered. Other individuals had little education which could not sustain them in other departments. Jorge Moll advocates for volunteering during the festive period.


Jorge Moll actively participated in the signing of the union between the schools teaching health courses and the institutions offering the course. The courses would be provided to the students through the OCRA method. The OCRA School is one of a kind having been licensed to provide education to the students. The institution has the goal of providing education to the students.


The OCRA association offers certification courses with individuals having to undertake three courses in order to be recognized internationally. The students benefit in some courses by getting books.


Lifeline screening- Best medical service provider in the United States

Lifeline Screening is a company that is found in the United States. It is a company that has been in existence since 1993. This is a company as the name suggests is a body screening company. The intention of this company is to screen the body to ensure that there are no underlying health issues. The screening tests are good for the body since in case there is any problem that is developing, it can be detected and treated before it develops into a big problem. Lifeline Screening particularly plays a crucial role in detecting health problems that are related to cardiovascular diseases. These are diseases that affect the ability of the body to circulate the blood sufficiently.

The main role that this company plays is to ensure that there is a prevention of diseases that may occur. Most health problems that are related to cardiovascular diseases usually develop slowly without being noticed. Victims only realize that a disease was developing in the body when it is already a big health problem. People should strive to have regular screening tests. Screening tests will help one live a healthy life, knowing that there is no underlying health problem that may get them by surprise.

Lifeline screening is good for every American. People should book screening test. The services offered by this company are always on point. They have the best screening equipment that will detect even minor problems that may be developing. Lifeline screening is a company dedicated to having a healthy America. A place where people are free of emergency health problems. The worst thing about cardiovascular diseases is that they strike when least expected. They normally come as an emergency case. To avoid all these problems, the solution is to ensure that regular body screening is carried out.

When one has booked a screening test with lifeline screening, there are a number of things that are carried out. One is, the nature of clothing should be such that the examiner will be able to carry out the screening tests with ease. It is suggested that one should wear loose clothes that are short sleeved.

Secondly, there is a schedule that should be observed in terms of eating habit before the screening. One should not have a meal before going for the screening tests. At least there should be about 4 hrs before screening tests are carried out. The only thing that is allowed should be water or some coffee with small sugar content.

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Remembering With Neurocore

For centuries, humankind has accepted that as we get older our brain starts to fade. It first starts with smaller things such as consistently forgetting where we put the car keys, or where we put the TV remote etc. Gradually, it gets worse and worse and we just accept it as the price of getting old. However, we now know that this isn’t necessarily true. In other words, the human brain is not hardwired to perform a certain way. Whether it is memory issues or other brain-related problems, the brain can be trained to get back its marbles. We can think of it as a sort of workout for the brain to stay in good shape. Read more at dialdish.com about Neurocore.

One such company that is at the cutting edge of this type of science is Neurocore. The company has put in place a comprehensive program, using modern technology, to “map” the human brain, and then put the person on the path of good mental health. This program does not follow a “one size fits all” method. It looks at each individual differently before treatment starts. The process first starts with a technology called qEEG, where things like heart rate and breathing, among other things, is taken into account. This provides the technicians a clearer picture as to what is going on inside a person brain. Follow Neurocore on facebook.com.

What Neurocore does best is find what exactly is wrong with the brain. This is not surprising since most memory related issues are directly related to the brain. The actual therapy used to improve brain function is called Neurofeedback. This is a process where the brain is stimulated by constant repetition and positive reinforcement. The goal here is to get the brain functioning at peak optimization which in turn increases memory, focus, attention and decreases stress.

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What all this means is that it can help with other problems such as ADHD. In fact, according to the Center for Diseases Control and Prevention, the number of people who were diagnosed with ADHD has gone up roughly 25%. The good news is that patients no longer need to take medication to control it and instead use the method provided by Neurocore to improve their lives.

Dr. Mark McKenna helpful tips and advice to other entrepreneurs

Dr. Mark McKenna sat down with Ideamensch to talk about his life, career, and what a typical day looks like for him. He starts off his day bright and early in the morning at 6:20am. He wakes up his daughter Milana Elle and they enjoy breakfast together. He then gets ready for the day and gets to the office at 8am. Dr. McKenna works hard til 6pm when heads home for dinner. After dinner he heads to JiuJitsu where he trains until 9pm. Being a dedicated entrepreneur, Dr. Mark McKenna works until he falls asleep and then repeats the process the next day.

With such a busy schedule, everyone needs motivation to accomplish their goals. McKenna sets goals regularly practices visualization. Meditation is also a positive habit he does once a day in a quiet place. It keeps him grounded and focused. He also likes to read in his spare time and calls himself a voracious reader. It is such a positive thing to do to expand the mind, and learn new things. “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill is Mark’s  personal favorite and suggests readers give it a try. Another thing that Mark likes to do it surround himself with people smarter than he. It challenges one to grow and open up as a person. As far as people that have influenced his positively he says Barack Obama, Elon Musk, and Michael Bloomberg have done a good job at that. It is important to set goals and Mark says it’s important to have direction, because speed is useless without it.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a doctor like no other. He is a passionate about his patients and advocates for them a lot. He received his degree from Tulane University School of Medicine in Medicine and Health. Mark was then licensed as a Medical Doctor by the Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners in surgery and medicine.

D. McKenna is originally from New Orleans, LA, but moved to Atlanta, Georgia to start anew after Hurricane Katrina demolished New Orleans. He spent his time helping rebuild the city with the development of low to modern income housing.

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Meet Dr. Imran Haque; the Internist You Should Know

Dr. Imran Haque is renowned for his extensive expertise internal medicine. His knowledge and skills garnered over a span of over 15 years have rendered him a reputable source of guidance to all who seek after his expertise. Dr. Imran Haque who works in Asheboro, North Carolina, at the Horizon Internal Medicine has made an immense contribution toward the fighting of a broad spectrum of illnesses. Other than his contribution to North Carolina, Dr. Imran Hague is also an affiliate with other various hospitals including the Randolph Hospital (NC).

Driven by his passion and desire to serve through providing quality medical services, Dr. Imran pursued his medical degree at Universidad Iberoamerican (UNIBE). He graduated with honors as one of the best students. Later, Dr. Imran Hague underwent further training at the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program. After being licensed, he started his practice in North Carolina, where he has served for many years.

Dr. Imran is a specialist with a wide range of expertise in the various services which makes his uniquely skilled and qualified to serve the diverse needs of his clients. His work in the cosmetic treatment procedure, which includes tightening of the skin, rejuvenation as well as texture, color or tone enhancement has been a benchmark in the field. His personally developed weight management treatments have helped many patients to manage weight loss and gain the desired body shape and size. As a laser hair specialist, Dr. Imran has proven his ability to treat areas of hair growth, either to induce or to prevent the hair growth. Such areas include buttocks, underarms, necks, legs, the back, upper lips amongst many other depending on the client except for the eyes the surrounding skin. Dr. Imran also offers Botox injection services, with a record of successful treatments and learn more about Imran Haque.

However, despite his immense professional qualification and experience over the years, what makes Imran a once of in a generation doctor is his personality. Where some may venture into the industry for the money, his concern for the well-being of each client he interacts with is unrivaled. The patients who have been his clients can readily attest to his ability unique ability to empathize with the clients while retaining a great deal of professionalism and attention to details in handling each client. Dr. Imran has thus become a brand name preferred by many in the field and more information click here.

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Berry Nice Lips

Do you want berry nice lips? EOS (Evolution of Smooth) lip balm has changed the shape of the general lip care stick into a fun shaped sphere that you won’t lose in your purse or your pocket. Now that you can locate your lip balm, wait until you try it. There are several EOS lip balm flavors, but for now, let’s uncover the berry nice flavors. Strawberry Sorbet, Pomegranate Raspberry, Blueberry Acai and last, but not least, Blackberry Nectar. Head over this fantastic website.

Strawberry Sorbet comes in a pink sphere container. Pomegranate Raspberry comes in a Red, Blueberry Acai in baby blue. These flavors of lip balm are in the EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm line. The Blackberry Nectar is in the Visibly Soft Smooth Sphere collection. All these berry flavors roll smoothly on your lips. All cool flavors are now available here on kohls.com.

I am a fan of all the “berry blends” listed, but EOS has several other flavors to choose from, depending on what you like. The EOS lip balm is a moisturizer and makes your kissable lips soft. Each lip balm smells and tastes just as good as their “berry” name. The Visibly Soft Smooth Sphere, Blackberry Nectar, serves as a lip conditioner. With EOS lip balm, your lips will thank you for a product that incorporates natural oils and vitamins that keep your lips soft. Did I mention EOS lip balms are Gluten free products? EOS lip balms are like health care for your lips. Try them all, and if you need a place to start, I suggest starting with the “berry blends,” these EOS lip balms are Berry Nice.

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