Sussex Healthcare Gives Attention To Physical Health For Residents

The residents at Sussex Healthcare know they are going to be treated fairly no matter what happens. They try to make sure they are taking care of their residents and that’s how they are getting things done for everyone who they work with. It is their way of giving people what they are looking for and giving them the things that will help them through different situations. It is also how they plan to keep showing people how things will change depending on what they can do with different options on their own. Sussex Healthcare knows what it takes and they aren’t afraid to give the community the things they are looking for on their own.

For years, Sussex Healthcare has tried to make sure they are helping people and they are giving them things that will make their own lives easier. They are also providing people with a chance to try different things and that’s how they are going to keep giving everyone what they are looking for. No matter what happens, Sussex Healthcare knows what they can do and how they can help make sure people get a positive experience. It is what will allow them to keep giving back and it will provide them with the best options possible.


Even though there are some issues with the healthcare industry and assisted living, in general, Sussex Healthcare knows what they can do for their patients. They want them to feel good and confident about what they have done. They also want them to realize they are going to have to make some other choices if they’re going to get more out of everything they have to offer. By bringing attention to these issues, Sussex Healthcare hopes to continue showing people how things will get better. They want everyone to know they have value even if they are in assisted living.

In addition to giving the residents access to the gym, Sussex Healthcare is also giving the community access to the gym. They want their residents to be able to connect with other people and show others how they are doing things right. They feel it is a big part of their job as a community leader to keep showing people what they can do to make things better. They plan to always give attention to the issues going on in the community and with the assisted living center they have.

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Dr. Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides: InnovaCare Health’s Innovative Leaders

InnovaCare Health is one of North America’s leading managed healthcare services providers. The company provides patients with access to quality healthcare primarily through provider networks, Medicaid and Medicare Advantage programs. InnovaCare Health creates cost-effective, sustainable models the fully integrate the most advanced technologies. The company is redefining healthcare management in a way that enables it to handle the challenges the complex modern healthcare environment. Their visionary leadership is guided by deeply held values that help them complete their mission to provide quality medical care for every patient.

The patient always comes first at InnovaCare Health. The company fosters strong patient-provider relationships to enhance its ability to provide coordinated, innovative, high-quality care through its subsidiaries and provider network. That leads to healthier outcomes for their patients. The InnovaCare Health network features a number of leading physicians using innovative medical practices to ensure patients get the best possible care. The company also has experienced leadership with clear vision that maintains high standards, transparency and corporate integrity while guiding the company towards their goal of providing quality care.Dr. Richard Shinto is a very important part of the leadership team. InnovaCare Health’s president and CEO, Dr. Shinto has both an MBA and a medical degree. Not only does he have an understanding of business, he’s an experienced internist and pulmonologist who practiced in Southern California for many years. He also spent over two decades working in managed care prior to moving to InnovaCare Health. Dr. Shinto was CEO of several companies including MMM Healthcare, Aveta Inc., North American Medical Management of Illinois, Inc. and PMC Medicare Choice.

Another important member of the InnovaCare management team is COO/CAO of Penelope Kokkinides. Kokkinides has been involved in the healthcare industry for over 15 years. She has served as chief operating officer for both Aveta Inc. and Touchstone Health HMO, Inc. Kokkinides was also AmeriChoice’s corporate vice president where she dealt with care and disease management. She was responsible for developing and implementing an effective healthcare model. Penelope Likkinides graduated from NYU with an M.S. in social work. She also attended Columbia University where she earned a master’s in public health.Both Dr. Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides were hired by InnovaCare Health in 2016. Both of them bring solid backgrounds. Dr. Shinto was voted Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young in 2012. Kikkinides is a specialist in handling managed care and government programs.

Staying Ahead with Life Line Screening

Did you know that 60 percent of people don’t go to the doctor regularly? The truth is that people ignore their bodies or either make multiple attempts to self-medicate before they decide to seek help from a physician. Unfortunately, by the time they visit the doctor the illness has progressed to the point where excessive treatment or surgery is needed. The need to know Life Line Screening provides a medical service that focuses on discovering health issues before they become a problem.

Knowing What to Expect

The word “screening” usually carries a negative connotation. Patients dread the testing process as it often takes all day to complete. With Life Line Screening, you can avoid spending your entire day in the doctor’s office! Doctors make the check-in easy and the screening as quick as possible. They offer several health packages: Complete Wellness Package, Stroke/ Vascular/Heart Rhythm with Osteoporosis, Vascular, Heart Stroke with Osteoporosis and 6 for Life. What does this mean for you? It means that you can decide the screenings that best suits your health needs. After the tests are administered, you will be given your blood results, if applicable, and your remaining results will be mailed in two weeks.

Ensuring Success

Taking a few moments out of your day to take preventative measures, can be the very thing that saves your life! Here are a few testimonies of patients who took those measures through Life Line Screening and more information click here.

  • Linda B. – Through Life Line Screening, Linda’s husband found out that his carotid artery was 90 percent blocked. Thankfully, he saw his physician to take the necessary steps to fix the issue! and learn more about Life Line Screening.
  • Helen K. – Helen and her husband decided to take screening to make sure that they were healthy. All their results came back negative. Truly, preventative health screening can give you long lasting relief.

Humans only get one body. Therefore, you have a major responsibility to take care of it. Performing that role means taking preventive measures to make sure that you stay on top of any potential health concerns. Doing so will either give you peace of mind or allow you the time to remedy any health concerns. Contact Life Line Screening and schedule an appointment today! and Lifeline Screening’s lacrosse camp.

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How USHEALTH Group Inc. is Providing Affordable Healthcare Solutions

Health insurance is costly affair, which is mostly perceived to be a preserve of those who can afford it. Despite this, the USHEALTH Group Inc. has been in the news for availing affordable health insurance through its licensed affiliates. Since its formation, the company has been dedicated to protecting USHEALTH Group Inc.‘s customers from the effects of financial hardships caused by unforeseen illnesses or injuries. Its insurance covers cater for the needs of customers from all walks of life.

The company’s longevity in the health insurance market is attributed to its reliability and affordability. It has served more than 15 million Americans during its existence. This unparalleled blend of innovation and experience enables its agents to address each individual case differently. Besides this, it has made USHEALTH Group a one-stop health insurance services provider in the U.S.

USHEALTH Group Inc. aims at building a system of healthcare insurance coverage with partner organizations. Since its formation, it has been committed to the delivery of exceptional value addition solutions to its clients. The company’s vision is to be a market leader with the ability of offering insurance coverage that are flexible and caters for the needs of all clients. Through its affiliates, the USHEALTH Group offers exceptional coverage to various policy holders including Critical Illness, Dental Coverage, Life, Sickness and Accident insurance.

Family Health Insurance

This is one area that has enabled USHEALTH Group Inc. to carve a niche for itself in the health insurance market. The firm gives its clients the opportunity to purchase more coverage whenever they need it without extra underwriting. It understands that health insurance coverage ranks among the most important decisions that clients make in their life. In line with this, it has instituted several measures and innovative health plans that are tailor made to suit the needs of each individual client. What’s more, clients can apply for its family health insurance plans at any time even outside the open enrollment period and more important information click here.

Customers who purchase their family health insurance covers from USHEALTH Group stand to benefit from long term fixed rates since the company locks in its clients’ rates for up to fifteen months. This makes health insurance affordable all the more. When formulating these covers, the company considers the fact that planning for the future is an intricate process due to the technicalities involved, and the uncertainty associated with the unknown future. Due to this, it partners with dedicated professional agents who help design plans that work best for clients both presently and in the long run.

USHEALTH Group Location

The company’s corporate headquarters are in Fort Worth, Texas. This has been its base of operation since it got incorporated in 1982. Despite this, it has presence throughout the United States since its agents operate autonomously.

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The New Benefits Of Medicare Advantage Plans

In America, the public has access to numerous medical insurance plans. Most of them do not provide adequate benefits and are too expensive for most Americans. In order to solve this problem, the federal government teamed up with healthcare institution and private insurance companies to come up with Medicare Advantage Plans. Through the partnership, the public can buy the plans from registered private medical companies and get their bills sorted whenever they are sick.

Medicare Advantage plans evolved from Original Medicare, a health cover that has been existence for decades. The new cover has numerous advantages as it takes care of the medical needs of the current American society. Despite the new benefits, the new cover also takes into account Part A and Part B benefits that existed in the Original Medicare. Some of the newly added benefits are dental hearing and vision care.

Although Medicare Advantage is available in many plans, there are three common plans. These plans are the Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) and Private Fee for Services (PFFS). The difference between these is on the types of medical institutions that the holder can visit and the various benefits that he or she can enjoy. When one switches to Medicare Advantage plans, the costs and restrictions of one’s cover also changes.

With the plan, one is expected to pay a deductible amount whenever he or she receives medical services. The payment has been fixed at $15 per office visit and is aimed at discouraging the holders from visiting medical institutions when they are not sick.

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With this plan, one is expected to visit specific doctors and hospitals. However, the doctor or hospital can give the police holder a referral to see a specialist when necessary. Another method is to get prior authorization to access services from specialists. If the policyholder follows these two strategies, the insurance company will pay for the services offered by the specialist.

About InnovaCare Health
InnovaCare Health is a renowned provider of managed health services in North America. Its primary services are Medicare Advantage plans and physician practice. The company is located in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Over the years, patients have remained to be the top priority of the company. InnovaCare Health has learnt how to coordinate innovative care and quality to patients.

The managed healthcare provider has benefited greatly from its team of qualified personnel. The company’s growth is attributed to the high-quality leadership of Rick Shinto, Penelope Kokkinides and many others. Dr. Shinto is the president and CEO of the corporation. Penelope Kokkinides is the chief administrative officer of the company. Before joining InnovaCare Health, they worked for different organizations in their respective careers.

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