Fine to Big Volume Hair in One Week

Wen by Chaz Dean has been advertising their newest product, Fig, and all-in-one shampoo, conditioner, and styler. It is designed to give volume, moisture, and shine to fine, limp hair. Emily McClure, a hair stylist, had heard many things about it, but decided to try Wen hair care for herself for a week and documented her results in a blog that was a featured article on

Her overall experience using and purchasing Wen hair care products was positive. She used it every morning and said that her hair looked best right after shower and styling. Being someone with fine, limp, hair, she is always looking for a product to give her miraculous volume. Her first day using the Wen cleansing conditioner product was by far her most successful. She could feel her hair thicken as she used it. Also to her surprise, being used to losing strands while she shampooed, no strands fell out while using this product!

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Emily’s article documenting her week using Wen hair care also featured before and after pictures that clearly showed the changes in her hair. Her hair went from limp and greasy to shiny and bouncy. She mentioned that the one night of the week she spent time with her friends all of them commented on how nice her hair looked.

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Transform Your Dull Dry Hair With A Revolutionary Cleansing Conditioner

Your hair is the only set of hair that you will get in your lifetime and you have to take care of it if you want to maintain your beautiful locks and your confidence. There are a thousand women that trust the name Wen by Chaz for being committed to their hair care type. Transform your dull dry hair to beautiful tresses that will hold against the elements of the normal buildup of dirt and oil. Wen’s most popular product is their cleansing conditioner that has been used by many women that swear by their results.

Wen by Chaz works hard to give you award winning results with your hair next to the stars. You favorite actor looks like they spend a fortune on their hair, but hundreds of well known celebrities trust their hair to Wen by Chaz.

There was one testimonial in an online article that gave account of one young woman that decided to use their cleansing conditioner for the first time. She reported her honest results to their readers. She spoke of having thin hair, but was trying Wen’s product because it was specifically designed for women with fine or thinning hair. She decided to use it after every wash and was surprised of the effects of their product on her hair after one week. She noticed far less breakage when she washed her hair and she experienced stronger locks that worked for her hair from root to tip.

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