Brian Bonar and his Career Accomplishments

Before moving to the United States many years ago, Brian Bonar had spent his entire life in Scotland. He even schooled in the best schools in the United Kingdom. Among the things that Brian Bonar holds dear to his heart are entrepreneurship and the love for the hotel industry. Those who know him as a hotelier know him for his time with Tango restaurant located in North County. He later changed this restaurant to Bellamy and managed to change the fortunes of this company by hiring the staff of another restaurant called El Bizcocho. He took the opportunity of the announcement that El Bizcocho was reducing their workforce. This is the way Brian Bonar works and operates. He has mastered the art of taking an opportunity of other people’s shortcomings.As a financial expert, Brian Bonar is known for his involvement with Trucept Incorporated and Dalrada Corporation.

These are two companies that are based in the United States where he has served as the president and the chief executive officer. The skills he currently possesses is as a result of the education he received as a young man. His success can also be attributed to the choices he has made in his entire life. The technical background he possesses is from his time at James Watt Technical College where he specialized in Technical Engineering. During his time at this institution, not only did he master some technical education but he also mastered how to create successful business structures and strategies. After completing his studies at the undergraduate levels, he took opportunities at several institutions before deciding to further his education. He holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the prestigious Stafford University.

The first company that Brian Bonar founded was a company known as Bezier Systems. However, he has worked with other institutions before establishing this company such as IBM where he held the position of procurement manager. He has also worked with QMS Engineering where he acted as the director of engineering for several years. This is an opportunity that shaped his leadership skills as he used to manage a group of over 100 people.His peers consider him as a professional who has the ability to combine architectural skills with ingenuity. He is also known for his attention to details. Among the specialties that he specializes with are mergers and acquisitions. During his illustrious career, Brian Bonar has handled hundreds of mergers. This, on the other hand, has earned him an award known as Who’s Who Financial Executive of the Year. With this award, he has managed to scoop the award twice. Among the things that he does on his free time include golfing, boat riding and spending some quality time with his family.

How USHEALTH Group Inc. is Providing Affordable Healthcare Solutions

Health insurance is costly affair, which is mostly perceived to be a preserve of those who can afford it. Despite this, the USHEALTH Group Inc. has been in the news for availing affordable health insurance through its licensed affiliates. Since its formation, the company has been dedicated to protecting USHEALTH Group Inc.‘s customers from the effects of financial hardships caused by unforeseen illnesses or injuries. Its insurance covers cater for the needs of customers from all walks of life.

The company’s longevity in the health insurance market is attributed to its reliability and affordability. It has served more than 15 million Americans during its existence. This unparalleled blend of innovation and experience enables its agents to address each individual case differently. Besides this, it has made USHEALTH Group a one-stop health insurance services provider in the U.S.

USHEALTH Group Inc. aims at building a system of healthcare insurance coverage with partner organizations. Since its formation, it has been committed to the delivery of exceptional value addition solutions to its clients. The company’s vision is to be a market leader with the ability of offering insurance coverage that are flexible and caters for the needs of all clients. Through its affiliates, the USHEALTH Group offers exceptional coverage to various policy holders including Critical Illness, Dental Coverage, Life, Sickness and Accident insurance.

Family Health Insurance

This is one area that has enabled USHEALTH Group Inc. to carve a niche for itself in the health insurance market. The firm gives its clients the opportunity to purchase more coverage whenever they need it without extra underwriting. It understands that health insurance coverage ranks among the most important decisions that clients make in their life. In line with this, it has instituted several measures and innovative health plans that are tailor made to suit the needs of each individual client. What’s more, clients can apply for its family health insurance plans at any time even outside the open enrollment period and more important information click here.

Customers who purchase their family health insurance covers from USHEALTH Group stand to benefit from long term fixed rates since the company locks in its clients’ rates for up to fifteen months. This makes health insurance affordable all the more. When formulating these covers, the company considers the fact that planning for the future is an intricate process due to the technicalities involved, and the uncertainty associated with the unknown future. Due to this, it partners with dedicated professional agents who help design plans that work best for clients both presently and in the long run.

USHEALTH Group Location

The company’s corporate headquarters are in Fort Worth, Texas. This has been its base of operation since it got incorporated in 1982. Despite this, it has presence throughout the United States since its agents operate autonomously.

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Finance Titan Soros Reminds The Europe Union That Its Biggest Threat Lies Outside Its Member States

Mired in uncertainty, the European Union’s (EU) focus continues to shift from one crisis to another. We have seen multiple countries require bailout packages in effort to deal with excessive debt. One of these countries (Greece) threatened to leave the European Union during negotiations.

Greece’s threat of withdrawal, known as Grexit, is old news, now replaced by the United Kingdom (UK) and its Brexit. The UK will be voting on June 23rd to decide whether it will stay in the EU. This vote is currently dominating both the headlines and the attention of world leaders – some of who have warned of the serious economic and security implications of an exit.

Through it all, billionaire investor and philanthropist George Soros Ukraine has sought to gain the attention of EU authorities and shift the narrative. While Mr. Soros understands the importance of addressing the internal concerns of EU leaders, his desire is to help them recognize that the most serious risks to its foundation are not posed by each other. Rather, the path to regaining its values and principles begins through its support of a non-member state – Ukraine.

When Mr. Soros speaks of Ukraine, the world should listen. His Ukraine foundation and investment activity within the country has provided him with intimate knowledge of events and the opportunity to witness them firsthand. What he has witnessed is a new Ukraine emerging; one led by the very best of its citizens, who are determined to forge a better future and avoid mistakes of the past.

However, Mr. George Soros also recognizes this newer, better Ukraine is being built upon shaky ground. Russian aggression has damaged the Ukrainian economy to the point where its $19 Billion in foreign debt is no longer sustainable. Russian President Vladimir Putin is seeking to stifle political and economic reforms before they take hold and destabilize the region.

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George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

Ukraine & Europe: What Should Be Done?

Mr. Soros believes the new Ukraine is Europe’s most valuable asset. If it were to fail, the repercussions would dwarf Europe’s current problems, creating refugees among Ukraine’s 40 million people and allowing Mr. Putin to further his geopolitical ambitions.

Accordingly, any assistance provided should be viewed as defense spending. In this light, the amount needed to assist Ukraine would appear insignificant, with its affect on the region being anything but.

With proper support, Ukraine would have the resources to implement desperately needed reforms and defend itself against Russia. The end result of a prosperous Ukraine is a Russia that can no longer blame the west for its problems, weakening Mr. Putin’s ambitions and mitigating his threat to the region.

The EU’s internal focus has resulted in division amongst its member states, pitting creditor countries against the debtor countries and moving it farther away from its core principles.

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