Kate Hudson: The Star and the Skills of Marketing Used for Fabletics

Kate Hudson is one of the stars that are very respectable. She is more than just someone who lands roles in films such as Almost Famous. She actually has a lot of other skills that she uses to her advantage. She has plenty of talents that go past the screen. For instance, she is known for her way with fashion. She has also had a passion for bringing something to the market that is going to be good for the fashion industry. This required a lot of thought on the different aspects of business which include using her fame for spreading awareness about her company.


Of course there is the initial marketing efforts that come with setting up Fabletics and attracting customers. However, Kate Hudson has decided that she wants to use another marketing tactic that is proving to be even more effective than the different efforts put towards advertising and persuading. This tactic is what she calls leveraging the power of the crowd. One of the best factors behind leveraging the crowds power is that it allows the customer to do the talking as opposed to trying to speak for the customer. Fabletics is really good about this type of method because part of their business model involves collecting information about their customers and serving them based on what they want.


Fabletics is built based on the idea that style and fashion is personal. It is up to the individual to explore and find her own personal style with fashion. This can be very hard if there is very little in diversity in the products that are available. Kate Hudson is into variety and diversity. She knows that no one looks the same and that tastes will vary. She wants to cater to all of the different styles that she is reaching out to.


People should not be conformed to what people are telling them to look like. As many people find out, the style that works with one individual is not going to work with others. Fabletics aims to give people more room to explore themselves and find what works for them. This is something that other active wear stores lack. The majority of the active wear section in stores and even the full active wear stores carry nothing new and unique for the customer. Instead, the store focuses on sales and promotions in order to get the customers coming in.

Academy of Art Unversity at the New York Fashion Week Once Again

The Academy of Art University recently had its 21st showcase on the runway of the New York Fashion Week. On 9th September the School of Fashion presented new pieces at the Skylight Clarkson Square.


The Executive Director of the School of Fashion, Simon Ungless spoke about the individual spirit of each piece and how unique that is considering they had been created collectively. The designers are also rather diverse. There are designers from China, Maine, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Chicago, and so on. Many of the designs were inspired by putting together a variety of different materials such as PVC, vinyl, scrap fabrics, organic denim, and even bike rubber.


Hailun Zhou was inspired by photography and the picture she had taken on a journey a few days back. She created outerwear, dresses, and separates, The materials she used were vinyl and PVS as well as other fabrics.


Another designer is Eden Slezin a student at Academy of Art University from the Bay Area. Slezin was influenced by his love for vintage denim as well as individuality which is one of the features of San Fransisco. Eden Slezin used organic denim which was a donation from Cone Denim. He also utilized recycled rubber bike ties donated from Sports Basement. Tha point was to illustrate that fashion can be sustainable too.


Dina Maria Lam was influenced by her life and the passing of her aunt. With her pieces, Lam wanted to convey transition and the feeling of change. She used soft materials which looked dense and luxurious. She also wished to evoke a sense of being surrounded by warmth and comfort. Designer Saya Shen, also from China, worked on bringing her photographs to life by transferring them on the clothing. She partnered up with Kornit Digital in order to achieve that. Saya Shen featured pieces with prints of landscapes such as snowy Hokkaido as well as the ocean and trees of San Francisco.


The designers who featured their pieces were highly appreciated by the guests including the famous Ms. J Aexander who was also present at the New York Fashion Week. The guests of the event anticipate seeing new designers next year as well, hopefully from the Academy of Art University.


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Fabletics Recipe for Fashion E-commerce Success

Amazon controls over 20% of the e-commerce fashion market, so Fabletics succeeding over them is no easy win. This athletic wear brand has grown to over 250 million in just three years as part of the Just Fab brand. Kate Hudson’s line of sportswear has become increasingly popular through the clothing subscription service.


The value of clothing brands are changing in the fluid landscape of e-commerce. Price and quality are no longer the determiners of what is high value. Customer service, brand recognition, and exclusive design are among the variables that cause a brand to become high value. Fabletics is becoming increasingly more successful as their brand makes the transition from the internet to real stores. Sixteen stores are currently open in Hawaii, Florida, Illinois, and California and Fabletics hopes to add to the numbers.


Fabletics has attributed their success to personalized, on-demand service for trendy fashion at a discounted price. Customers are easier to make happy when a business knows what they want. Membership allows for this individualized clothing service. Fabletics will have more success in both online and offline sales because of three key characteristics.


“Reverse showrooming” has allowed them to encourage browsing from day one. Most stores discourage browsing, but Fabletics encourages it due to their unique online shopping experience. About 30-50% of customers who walk through the door are members, this attribute helps them to have an idea of what they want before they walk through the door. Membership allows for a unique shopping experience.


Data is still the key for the brick and mortar stores as well. Fabletics can use the local membership data to keep the local stores stocked with preferred items based on data. Fashions are all about trendy items, so as the trends change, then the stock will change. Data from online and offline sales will be used to drive the stock.


Fabletics does not lose its focus on the importance of access, customers, and culture. The use of data and other customer friendly options has added Fabletics in keeping the customer centric focus. They have built their brand on a recipe of success, and their growth is a testament to the positive characteristics.

The Rise Of Evolution of Smooth

The Surprising Hit

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How Everything Worked Out

The key to the success of Evolution of Smooth is undoubtedly in the way the brand has reached out through the use of social media and product placement. Founded in 2007 it was certainly something of a surprise to see the lip balm sphere on Twitter and Instagram where people are able to see the brand for what it actually is. This has allowed Evolution of Smooth to involve into something much greater than other lip balm brands. Young women absolutely fell in love with this and they have made it into one of the top brands of our time.  Head over to this important link.

The Future Of The Brand

Evolution of Smooth is showing no signs of stopping. So far the brand is still going strong with new lotions and shaving creams available now, check this on ulta.com. There really isn’t any ceiling for this brand because it has captured far too many hearts. Evolution of Smooth soaps and shampoos are probably on the way at some point. When you have Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj showing off your brand, people are going to come flocking no matter what happens. There was a plan and Evolution of Smooth lip balm managed to execute its strategy without any problems getting in the way.

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