Three Reasons EOS Medicated Tangerine Lip Balm is the Go-To Lip Balm for Winter

EOS Medicated Tangerine lip balm is part of the delightful line of sphere shaped lip balms by EOS (also known as Evolution of Smooth). While each EOS lip balm is fantastic in its own way, the Medicated Tangerine lip balm has unique qualities that make it perfect for the chilly winter months.  Useful link on

Looking for a soothing, reliable, and healing lip balm that will carry you through the harsh cold weather? Here are the top three reasons to choose EOS Medicated Tangerine lip balm as your go-to winter lip balm:

1) Healing Medicated Blend: Different from the other EOS brand lip balms, this flavor has a medicated blend of ingredients. That means quick healing of chapped lips that are common in the winter months.

2) Moisturizing Ingredients: The EOS Medicated Tangerine lip balm not only heals, but soothes lips with natural moisturizers. The combination of shea butter, vitamin E, and jojoba oil bring soothing moisture to painfully dry lips.

3) 95% Natural Ingredients: The ingredients used in this lip balm are high-quality, natural ingredients. It is petrolatum-free, phthalate-free and paraben-free. These real, natural ingredients work with your lips to completely heal and restore chapped lips throughout winter.  For details, head over to this.

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EOS Has Been A Quick Success

Sometimes, it can be hard to see older products in new ways. Such is the case for lip balm. For years, this soft skin product has been the realm of a few companies that have been around for decades. Recently, this market has been totally shaken up with the introduction of a new concept in lip balm. One company, Evolution of Smooth or EOS as fans and insiders call it, is a brand new type of lip balm. This new product is one that has been the subject of a great deal of attention in recent years as many consumers have noticed. Perhaps to the dismay of older retailers like Chapstick, Evolution of Smooth has upended old concepts about lip balm and drawn in new customers, happy to try something that they know really works.

Brand New Packaging

Recreating lip balm for today’s customer meant thinking about the entire product. The traditional lip balm has been packaged in a small and long cylinder. Those at EOS or Evolution of Smooth wanted to help see the product in an entirely new light. They knew that the old package might make it hard for consumers to grab the entire contents and use them properly. With a bit of research, they were able to come up with a new concept in packaging lip balm. Gone for them was the old stick. Instead, out came the new round package. The new package makes it easy for clients to use each bit of lip balm. The new package also comes in bright colors that are instantly visible. No more fumbling in a woman’s purse to locate the product. Instead, she can pick from many varied colors that are easily spotted in her bag, allowing her to use it fast. The new package comes in many hues that are highly pleasing to the eye. This new package really stands out from the other products on the market, allowing buyers to pick out which particular colors they want to buy when they are at the checkout line in their local pharmacy.  For product’s details, click

A Sense Of Pleasure

Another concept that those at Evolution of Smooth realized was important during their research was bringing a sense of fun to the product, hit on for some helpful tips. Ordinary lip balm products just weren’t doing the job. Consumers were bored and started to regard applying the lip balm as a chore more than anything else. Their aim was to look past this ordinary concept and turn it upside down. The new result are products that are full of color and flavor. Each product instantly calls to the user the second they see it and pick it up. Each item has a nice flavor to it that has a sweet scent. Users can look through varieties such as pomegranate that are also contemporary and modern. The product has a sense of fun that may have been lacking in other products on the market. Those who watch the industry closely are thus not surprised that Evolution of Smooth has taken off.   Check on EOS here,

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