Class Dojo helps Parents to Keep Track of their Children’s Educational Progress

Schools are a natural part of life for all people. American children are expected to attend school by law. So, parents and their kids have no choice but to be involved within their local school system. Teachers understand that educating children comes with a lot of challenges and dealing with a child’s behavior can be a struggle as well. While there are no easy solutions for educating children, there are some tools that educators can use to make this job easy as possible.


Class Dojo is an app that links teachers and parents together through their mobile devices or a computer. When both parties download the app from Google Play or the Apple Store, they can register their information and then start to communicate with each other about a student’s classroom progress.


Keep in mind that Class Dojo founders, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, were two former teachers who taught within the school system for many years. They know and completely understand the complications that teachers and parents deal with inside of the classroom. Their app addresses some of the key issues that parents and teachers face during a child’s education experience.

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One of the most arduous concerns that parents and teachers have to deal with in terms of educating students, has to deal with communication. Teachers often cannot speak with a child’s parents throughout the school year. They typically must wait until a conference takes place before they can talk. By then, most parents are surprised to find out about their child’s in school performance.


The App will help to eliminate this problem. Educators can simply send a text message or a brief video clip throughout the day highlighting a student’s performance. In today’s busy world parents often have to work, go to appointments or have other responsibilities they need to take care of.

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According to, the Class Dojo app provides a very convenient way for them to live their lives while keeping track of their child’s progress in school. Class Dojo received $21 million dollars in funding to further develop this application. They want to make it a better platform for everyone involved within the field of education.

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