Common Mistakes Hotels Make With Digital Branding

Base7booking, a global public relations agency that has considerable experience in working with a variety of industries, recently sat down to write an article on some of the most common mistakes that hotel chains make in trying to manage their online reputation, as well as what can be done to avoid them. Although the article is primarily concerned with hotel chains, much of this information could just as easily be used to help other firms that are interested in improving their brand’s digital marketability.

One of the biggest mistakes that hotels make, at least according to Base7booking, is assuming that simple social media metrics are enough to track their brand’s performance. While these tools are certainly useful, there’s still plenty of room for improvement. By keeping track of how the hotel’s brand is performing across many different social media channel, as well as search engines , Reputation Defender and reviews page and website comment sections, hotels can gain a better perspective on how the digital world sees them.

Once a hotel, or any company for that matter, has acquired a better understanding of their role in the digital world, the next step is to actually interact with it. Too many businesses fail online, not because of anything particularly bad that they did, but rather because of an ineffective digital presence. By engaging with potential consumers and positively responding to feedback, hotels can develop a better online reputation and encourage potential clients to think about them in the future.

Finally, the best advice that Base7booking can give a hotel, or indeed any business, is to not be afraid of technology. There are so many tools available on the Internet now that are specifically designed to help a business develop a better understanding of its online reputation. If a business truly lacks the time and resources to monitor their own online reputation, then there are also plenty of firms that have the knowledge and expertise to handle it for them. Of course, the best thing that any business can do is be proactive in their online reputation management.