Stream Energy Plans to Empower Women With Innovative Approach

Stream Energy is a direct selling organization that provides connected life and energy services across the nation. Stream just had its 4th yearly Women of Power Retreat. The retreat, held in Dallas, TX (the company’s head office), was started back in 2010. It is meant to offer motivation and connection to mentors for female associates of the company while they seek to be more successful in their company and start their own businesses.

Each year has a special theme, mixing it up and offering unique value. This year’s theme is “Shine.” According to a representative of the company, “Shine” is all about allowing women to focus on the power of confidence and being their true selves. They hope this will inspire the associates and other women they come in contact with to become true women of power by focusing on the talents that set them apart.


Well-known speakers are a cornerstone of these events. Nicole Lapin, a famous news personality, and best selling author were there this year. In addition, business expert Karen Leland and corporate wellness expert Melissa Mark Garner offered their insights.


These retreats center around building up confidence for women and teaching them valuable skills while connecting with like-minded mentors. For instance, courses like “How to Be Your Own Boss” are among the most popular events. Other titles focus on personal branding, digital marketing, direct selling, and even mindfulness exercises for a well-rounded approach to success. The end goal is to have women walking away with a renewed energy and confidence to become true women of power.


About Stream Energy


Stream is a direct selling company that offers integrated life services. These services vary from energy, protection, wireless, and home services. They specialize in relieving the stress of staying in touch with loved ones for busy people. The company was founded in 2005 in Dallas. They have revolutionized the energy market offering innovative ways to offer value to consumers in their 12 years.


Since their inception, Stream Energy has grown quickly to become the dominant company in their market with $8 billion in revenue and counting. The tireless work ethic of the company has spurred growth beyond Texas into other states: Pennsylvania, New York, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Georgia, and Illinois.