Email Leak Causes Anti-Semites and Right-Wing Israel Supporters to Attack Soros

For a long time, business magnate and philanthropist George Soros has been the target of harsh criticism and even outright hatred from those on the political Right. As Soros has a long history of supporting liberal causes like reforms of America’s drug policy, it isn’t too surprising that he isn’t very popular with the majority of right-wing figures.

A recent Raw Story article about the George Soros Wikileaks email dump shows that right-wing pundits will miss no opportunity to show their hatred of Soros. When the George Soros emails, which are related to the billionaire philanthropist’s foundation, were made available by Wikileaks, both antisemitic and pro-Israeli right-wingers went on the offensive.

Pamela Gellar, a notable supporter of Israel and right-wing commentator posted “Soros, the black hand. #evil” on Twitter, together with a link to a blog post in which she throws accusations that George Soros is working to undermine Israel.

Commentators on the Right who support Israel have claimed that some of the leaked George Soros emails talking about Soros funding groups in both Israel and Palestine that monitor human rights violations by the Israeli Army are proof that Soros is somehow trying to undermine Israel.

Claims that the famous businessman hates Israel have been circulating for quite a while now. A report published by Reason highlights an attack on Soros made in 2010 by Glenn Beck. The right-wing pundit said that during the Holocaust, a 14-year-old Soros not only helped the Nazi occupiers confiscate property belonging to Hungarian Jews, but also enjoyed doing so. According to Beck, this is supposed to provide proof that Soros must be a “self-hating Jew” who also hates Israel. Many of Beck’s critics have responded by stating that his characterization of Soros’ wartime actions is factually incorrect and distorted.

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As George Soros is of Hungarian Jewish origin, nobody will be surprised to learn that he isn’t too popular with far-right groups close to Neo-Nazi movements either. When the George Soros Wikileaks email leak was posted, known antisemitic figures wasted no time to show their contempt for the business magnate who survived the Nazi occupation of his native country during World War II.

Because George Soros often advocates for the rights of refugees, Neo-Nazis claim that there is some kind of George Soros conspiracy to flood the European continent with refugees coming from the Middle East and Africa.

Breitbart, a right-leaning online media outlet published various articles hinting that a George Soros conspiracy is actually to blame for the current migrant crisis in Europe.

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