How the Charter Schools at Success Academy Help Prepare Students to Flourish in College

Charter schools were formed as a way to provide students from low income families with the type of education needed to enter college. The charter schools that make up Success Academy are founded on the philosophy of providing children with unlimited possibilities. These schools are located throughout various regions of New York City, which include Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx. The team behind the schools that make up Success Academy believe in taking action to bring about the type of changes needed in the educational system to help empower low income students. They firmly believe today’s children will become tomorrow’s leaders.


Their Educational Approach


The people involved with the charter schools in Success Academy strive to create a good foundation at the elementary level. Teachers and other school officials work together to ensure every child makes a smooth transition into their system in regards to both their emotional well-being and academic development. The curriculum for the elementary level is designed to encourage reading through both fiction and non-fiction materials. It also teaches problem solving through math skills and challenges inquiring minds through science. Elementary students are encouraged to voice their opinions and explore any related fields they might show an interest in such as art.


The school’s focus on encouraging children to learn continues throughout their middle school and high school years. The programs created for the middle school curriculum revolve around internationally recognized standards for entrance into college. These programs focus on critical thinking, subject mastery and question based learning. To help students develop independence and creativity the schools in Success Academy offer a variety of elective programs that include chess, musical theater and robotics.


The high school years are the final step in the process of educating children to become college graduates. In addition to providing students with programs that encourage critical thinking and problem solving, the high school curriculum at Success Academy also focuses on public speaking and academic writing. Not only is the high school curriculum designed to help students gain entry into college, but it is also designed to help them flourish and graduate from a traditional four-year college.