I Rely On Handy To Do My Assembling For Me

I’m terrible at assembling anything, which is why I’ve always employed Handy since I moved into my new place. My new home has so much space in it that I figured I would fill each empty spot with something, which meant that I spent a lot of time in the furniture stores. I even started buying some cheap things that needed to be put together, but I couldn’t put them together myself. I decided to call on Handy to do the job.

I literally had five different things that needed to be assembled, so I made an appointment on the Handy website to get the work done. The worker was to come out the very next day, which was perfect because of the fact that I had the entire day off. When the worker came, they were right on time and even had a few minutes to spare.

The worker asked me which items needed to be assembled, and I showed them exactly what needed to be done. I was told that I didn’t need to assist them in the assembly, so I went ahead and got a drink from the fridge and went to the TV room to watch some sports. It was only an hour and a half later that the guy called me into the room to show me that everything was assembled.

I couldn’t believe how everything looked and even tested them out to make sure that they were sturdy. The work the man did was so wonderful that I had to come out of pocket to tip him because I was overjoyed with the job that he did. I made sure to leave a positive review on the Handy website, and I’ve even made plans to get my home cleaned by Handy since I know I have a big home that I couldn’t possibly clean myself. Reas more about the company on cohustler.co and onthesceneny.com.