IDLife Helps Individuals Earn Money

Those who are looking for a way to add to their income and who are trying to find creative options that are open to them should not overlook IDLife and all that the company offers to them. IDLife is a brand of nutritional products, and it is a brand that works with individuals to help them earn money. This is a brand that a person can work for that allows them to try out their products and then promote them to the people in their life. IDLife allows a person to purchase a starter kit to try out all that they have to offer, and the company then lets that individual earn money by selling the products that the brand offers.

IDLife offers products for a variety of issues and many different types of people. There are products available from this brand that are appropriate for children, and there are others that are solely for adults. This brand has products that help to boost the energy of those who take them, and there are products that are meant to be used to help a person sleep better at night. The products that IDLife creates are all focused on a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle. This brand knows what it is doing as it creates products that are made to fill the gaps left by other nutritional product brands.

The products that come from IDLife are FDA approved, and they are products that are safe for use. These products are made with much care, and they are made using only ingredients that are actually good for the body. Those who are are looking for nutritional products that are made by a company that actually cares about what it is doing will find those kinds of products through IDLife. The products that come from IDLife are gluten free and soy free. They are made out of ingredients that are safe and they are made to be used by all kinds of people. Those who are behind the creation of these products put a lot of time and effort into the work that they complete.

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Rick Smith of Securus Technologies Leads the Firm in Excellent Service Delivery

The leadership structure of an organization dictates its performance. With good leadership come invaluable results with excellent key indicators of good governance. That is why from mid July 2008, Securus Technologies has been swimming in a plethora of excellence. The appointment of Rick Smith as the chief executive officer was interestingly a moving decision that has seen the firm grow into a productive organization. Rick Smith is the head cheerleader of Securus Technology. Since his appointment, he has exuded nothing but support in the firm. Under his guidance, the firm has risen to the top managed ranks.


Rick Smith’s appointment was influenced by his experience in technology and leadership. To the board of directors, he fit the leadership position. Smith boasts of a rich academic background thanks to his commitment to advancing his education. From technology to communications, information management and finance, Smith harbors a plethora of experiences that better define him as a perfect match for the position. With a unique skill set of upper hand knowledge in critical decision making, he has been guiding the management in production and decision making. Smith is trusted to deliver excellent results within a minute period of time.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is one of the leading correctional agencies that service prisons, correction facilities, public safety and the society in general. The services include providing communications gadgets to prisoners as well as the management. This is done with the aim of ensuring that the society is safe from harm. With reports indicating the importance of availing communications gadgets to prisoners, Securus took the responsibility of ensuring that prisoners enjoy these benefits. This is not only useful to inmates but also family as well as friends. For years, Securus has been developing new and high-tech gadgets for communication. With Smith on the lead of these projects, Securus has protected the society by serving over 1000 inmates across North America.


In 2009, Securus Technologies entrusted Rick Smith with the chairmanship of the firm. Since then, he has expanded the company’s ability to provide products and services. With the better programming that he initiated, Securus Technologies has achieved admirable results when it comes to offering societal protection. With a company like Global Tel Link as a competitor in the market, Rick has done a great job given that Securus registers better performance than GTL. Rick Smith understands the value of incorporating team work to achieve results. With that in mind, he has initiated a call center that is managed by Securus Technologies. The department has a team of trained technicians who provide communication platforms for inmates, friends as well as families. Securus Technologies remains a national leader since it is committed to excellence in service delivery. Its success stems from Rick Smith, the head cheerleader. His skills have played a concrete role in the development of the company.

Roc Nation’s Executive Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is the backbone of Roc Nation. Starting from the ground up in 2008, Roc Nation already had some of the world’s best talent on their label. Not to mention, the $150 million deal with Live Nation the very same year. The same deal has been renewed between Live Nation and Jay Z for the next ten years. Desiree Perez is financially savvy. The way she runs the business, appeals to outsiders looking in. Whatever she’s in on, they want a piece of it because of her success. Drawing people towards her and encompassing them with interesting and unique ideas to aid in their success makes her a great business partner and learn more about Desiree Perez.

From Jay Z, to Rihanna, and Roc Nation’s latest popular teen star, Justine Skye. Desiree Perez stands firm behind them all leading her artists in the right directions and helping them make good decisions. Desiree Perez sat down with Samsung to do a collaboration with Rihanna during her “Anti” tour. This collaboration between Samsung and Rihanna was a $25 million deal. From this deal, Rihanna’s performing status increased, catching the eyes of many others and more information click here.

Desiree Perez is also a part of the Hova Circle of Influence; a group of influential investors engaged in the music industry. People like, Ty Ty Smith and Jay Brown. Roc Nation consists of songwriters, producers, and many, many artists. Such as, J.Cole, and Big Sean. Many of Roc Nation’s talents work very closely with Desiree Perez because of the expertise she brings to the table and Desiree Perez’s lacrosse camp.

She always has her artists best interests at heart, making her a good advisor to them as well. Nominated in 2015 for the Primetime Emmy Awards proves how much she truly is valued and the importance of her presence. Desiree Perez has stood with Roc Nation and will be standing with them many years down the line. Her strength and support will forever carry the name of Roc Nation and

Anthony Petrello Is the CEO of Nabors Industries

Nabors Industries Ltd. has a Chief Executive Officer named Anthony Petrello. He was given this position in 2011. However, he had already been the president of the company for 19 years. Anthony has had a very interesting career that has seen him achieve a great many things in the academic and business worlds. He was always very good in school from a very young age. He did not have any idea what type of career that he wanted to pursue until he was in high school. It was at that point that he made the decision to become a lawyer.

Anthony’s great grades while he was in high school allowed him to get accepted into Yale University. This is considered to be one of the greatest institutions of higher learning in the world. He had always been fascinated with math. He loved to solve equations. He had a great mind for puzzles. This is one of the things that caused him to love math. He decided to study math at Yale. He got both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in this subject at Yale. However, his days of higher education were not over. He was very serious about becoming a lawyer. Therefore, he enrolled in law school at Harvard. This is the best law school in the world.

Anthony Petrello employed by the law firm of Baker and McKenzie in New York City for 12 years until 1991. It was at this time that Nabors Industries came calling and offered him the position of president of their company. This was a job that Anthony would have been foolish to pass up. Nabors Industries company that specializes in oil and gas drilling. The company has a revenue of well over $6 billion. Petrello has helped to make the company into one of the giants of the drilling industry. He is credited with completely turning the company around when he took over as president in 1992. Nabors was losing money and going through some tough times. Petrello came up with an effective strategy to cut costs and increase profitability at the same time.

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Helping Advance Life Science Companies with Dr. Scott Rocklage

Dr. Scott Rocklage is an American entrepreneur and businessman. He attended the University of California, Berkley where he obtained his Bachelor of Science in chemistry. He then moved on to the Massachusets Institute of Technology. While attending classes there, he obtained his Ph.D. in chemistry. Dr. Scott Rocklage holds over 30 patents in the United States, which he either invented or co-invented. He has enriched several companies in his long career. He started out in healthcare companies early on. He has been appointed Chairman of the Board at the companies Cidara Therapeutics, Inc and Novra Therapeutics, Inc. Dr. Rocklage has a history of high-level positions in various companies. Scott Rocklage has served as CEO and President to Amersham Health, Executive Chairman and Co-President of Ilypsa, Inc., along with some research and design (R&D) departments. Dr. Rocklage currently works at 5AM Ventures. He joined 5AM Ventures in 2003 as a Venture Partner and has worked his way up to Managing Partner, a role he took on in late 2004. He also has entered six drug candidates into clinical trials, with the successful approval of three other drugs by the FDA and more information click here.

5AM Ventures was founded in 2002 and is based in California. 5AM Ventures is focused on investing in the early stages of life science companies. 5AM believes in a hands-on approach to starting and managing companies. The company takes on short-term leadership and operating roles with a focus on guiding the new companies and mentoring its employees to ensure success. The 5AM team is made up of people who are passionate about what to do and they have worked together for years to create a great working environment with great chemistry.

Dr. Scott Rocklage has revolutionized the healthcare industry. He has built a career that is very success-oriented and will continue to do so for years to come.

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Anthony Petrello Shines with Every Role He Undertakes: He is Taking Nabors Industries Far

Anthony Petrello is a well-informed man in his area of expertise. He had a fulfilling career since 1979 when he started working for Baker & Mackenzie law firm as the Managing Partner in its New York office. He left in 1991 when an opportunity beckoned at Nabors Industries Limited. He joined the management team as President and COO and was elected to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors the same year. He was named the deputy chair in 2003 and 2011; he rose to the rank of the President followed by the Chairman of the Board the following year and read full article.

Education and Current Roles

Anthony Petrello studied law at the esteemed Harvard Law School after which he pursued Bachelors and Master’s degrees in Mathematics at the prestigious Yale University. With his training, he has been able to execute his roles with prowess. At Nabors Industries, Petrello is entrusted with the firm’s strategic plan. He guides in the implementation and also leads the firm in adopting the best practices that keep it at the top of the very competitive oil and gas industry. Petrello also serves as a director of Hilcorp Energy Company and Stewart & Stevenson LLC.


Besides his office works, Anthony Petrello together with his wife supports The Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute situated at the Texas Children’s Hospital. His daughter was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia after she was born immaturely. In the search for the cause of this ailment, Petrello realized that little information was available about the condition. This prompted him to look for ways to help parents understand this condition, which led him to this initiative and his Facebook .

Growing a Construction Company

If you want to take a business to the next level, you have to have a product or service that customers are willing to pay for. A lot of people today use the services of Construcap. This is a construction company that is primarily based in Brazil. However, they serve clients from all over South America who are looking for ways to invest in the growing country. Over the past few years, Brazil has experienced a rapid rate of growth on

This is a company that a lot of people are looking at as a future super power in the region. If the country is going to continue to grow rapidly, it needs to have the infrastructure to support the growth. Construcap is a company that is working hard to make an impact in the local community. Now is a great time to work with Construcap on building a home or business in this area.


When the company was first started, Construcap was one of the smallest companies in the construction business. However, today the company is a leader within the industry due to its rapid rate of growth and quality customer service. A lot of people today are excited about the changes that are taking place in this area. Not only will Construcap continue to invest in technology to help others, but the company is dedicated to helping people in other areas as well. If you want to work with a construction company that can meet your needs, Construcap is the way to go. This is a company that truly cares about other people, and it is willing to invest in the local economy to drive growth on

Development Plans

There are a lot of development plans on the table for Brazil in the coming years at Many people today are excited to see what is going to happen in this area. Not only is this a great country that is growing economically, but it truly cares about making an impact on the world as well. If you want to invest for the future, working with a company like Construcap is the way to go.

Jason Halpern Steers JMH to Innovative Heights

Jason Halpern is the Founding MD of JMH Development. Halpern is from the third generation real estate developers with a solid track record of over 50 years in construction and property management in New York. With his unique expertise in development, Jason combines experience with great vision and foresight leading JMH to execute several innovative properties and historical landmarks across the U.S.


JMHs team of professionals is fully equipped with every aspect of construction and development – from strategy and due diligence, to project design, to construction, and branding & marketing. The projects range from residential properties, commercial offices, to hospitality and mixed-use property segments. With their unique marketplace knowledge and expertise development skills, the firm continues to deliver the highest quality properties that endure the test of time. The company’s philosophy of preserving historic structures is evident through its adaptive re-use and restoration projects on historic landmarks across the nation.

JMH Development Launches 235-Room Hotel Project at the heart of Miami Beach


JMH Development develops the project in conjunction with Madden Real Estate Ventures as an adaptive re-use of the historically significant Motel Ankara. A new eight-story tower will be constructed as well. Aloft South Beach comes in as the first hotel to be constructed anew in South Beach since the year 2009, with significantly spacious rooms.

Jason expressed his excitement over the topping off of Aloft South Beach and marking the beginning of construction works and future development phases. The project will open up the Aloft South Beach and present a waterfront location that accesses the Lake Pancoast and the magnificent Collins Canal wrapping around the property. Just a single block from the refreshing shores of Miami Beach, the brand new Aloft will be situated at the center of South Beach a few minutes’ drive from the Miami Beach Convention Center. The area is populated with numerous art galleries, night clubs, boutiques, restaurants, and the Bass Museum of Art.


Guests can enjoy a roof deck lounge, outdoor pool, a 24-hour fitness center and flexible meeting space of over 200 square feet, ideal for social gatherings as well as business meetings. Additionally, the new Aloft Beach hotel will offer a variety of live entertainment with free presentations from emerging artists.

Jason Halpern’s Philanthropy

Jason has brought his relentless passion for philanthropy to the workplace. He has enacted numerous charitable initiatives through the company. JMH adopted a partnership with a non-profit global water organization donating $20,000 for every contract the firm signs at the Miami-based offices to finance water projects in Nepal and Ethiopia.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

Ressler and Godlenberg Entrepreneurs Build Empire Out of Ecommerce Fashion

Expanding into new markets is the name of the game for entrepreneur Don Ressler. But, it wasn’t always that way. Ressler, who is known to be the creator of several successful startups, started out teamed up with Adam Goldenberg, a 19 year old COO for his company Intermix. What happened when these two entrepreneurs got together was the culmination of gaining successful and profitable ecommerce businesses. If not for their abilities to successfully explore new opportunities, neither Ressler nor Goldenberg would have found any success.

Together, Ressler and Goldenberg formed Alena Media. There were reportedly hundreds of millions generated from this e-commerce and advertising company. After, Goldenberg’s company, Intermix was acquired in 2005 by News Corp and eventually – due to the media conglomerate ignoring the company they had strived to build, they ultimately parted ways with News Corp.

With skills far beyond those of regular, everyday entrepreneurs, Ressler and Goldenberg built their own enterprise of brand building, but this venture had an extra special addition: all the work could be executed autonomously.After gathering a group from Alena (that had worked previously for both Ressler and Goldenberg), the two entrepreneurs created “Brand Ideas,” which would later become what is known today as “Intelligent Beauty.” Through Intelligent Beauty came other creations by the pair including DERMSTORE, a marketplace for online cosmetics and skin care and SENSA, a weight-loss system, and both became successful ventures.

Both DERMSTORE and SENSA have turned big profits according to reports. But there was an additional $43 million that came from Technology Crossover Ventures and soon, Ressler and Goldenberg were funded fully for their product lines. After Technology Ventures joined the entrepreneurs, another company was created –JustFab – which was a fashion retailer by subscription ecommerce. What happened next was that JutFab blew up meaning re and more funding started pouring in from Cross Ventures, Intelligent Beauty, Matrix Partners and Rho Ventures.

So the two entrepreneurs and their fashion retailer JustFab decided to expand into more markets; The were riding this momentum of fashion for parents and decided to expand their fashion into children’s clothing and fashion. The acquired such ecommerce businesses as “FabKids” and “The Fab Shoes.” With acquiring The Fab Shoes, millions of European memberships came with it along with member from both Germany and the U.K. JustFab also acquired “Fabletics” and “ShoeDazzle” and even opened their first flagship store in 2013.

Just recently, JustFab closed on an $85 million funding project led by Passport Special Opportunity Fund, bringing the company’s total capital to $250 million.

No Fear of Failure for Marc Sparks:

Marc Sparks is one of the wealthiest men in the country. The Dallas based serial entrepreneur has been responsible for the creation of numerous businesses, primarily in the telecommunications field, but has branched out into other areas. But his success has not come easy. While he has created many very profitable businesses, Sparks has also had his share of failures. This includes, in his words, starting an insurance company in his bedroom, turning it into a billion dollar business, then losing all of it within a three month period.

Despite that kind of failure, Sparks has always maintained an upbeat attitude. “Even when I was poor,” Sparks said, “I was still excited about life and my journey to come.”

Marc Sparks admitted he loves to win, but understands you can’t win at everything you do. “That’s life,” he said. He added that he has no fear of failure. If one project fails, Sparks moves on to the next. He lists several reasons for all the successes he has had in his life. They include faith, focus, tenacity, passion, savvy, honesty, treating people fairly, and a sense of urgency that he calls, “Sparks Speed.”

Sparks did not get his business sense by going to top schools. In fact, he admitted that he was a C-plus student in high school and had zero formal training for the business world. “I was born with a keen instinct,” he said. That keen instinct helped him set up several businesses, and as a venture capitalist, gives start up money to companies that could be on the path to major success.

Marcs Sparks is heavily involved in philanthropic work. He donates to The Samaritan Inn, which helps to get homeless people back on their feet. He also works with Habitat for Humanity and the American Can! Academy network of magnet high schools. In his spare time, Sparks enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, golf, exercise, and travel.