What Fast Company has to say about EOS Lip Balm?

If you were to purchase a lip balm that will suit your desire, then for over hundred years it meant searching the shelves of drugstores or supermarkets for a small, cylindrical stick of chapstick. Chapstick proved to be customer friendly with its list of ingredients on the package packs and a range of flavors from tasteless initial flavor to mint or cherry.

According to the Fast Company, less than a decade ago, Evolution of Smooth (EOS) started to gain their self-space around the country. Their pop up made Beauty editors from Cosmo and Allure not get enough of the EOS stuff. Statistics from Kline research firm show that EOS a 250 US dollars company has been hitting the headlines in beauty and fashion magazines without revealing their business strategy and became another best-selling lip balm after Butts Bees that has been there for so long.

Also, Kline says that by 2020 EOS will have increased their sales from one million units per week to 2 million units; this is due to the rise in demand around the globe as EOS specializes in natural and organic products.  Useful link on walgreens.com

The Creating of Awareness.

EOS being new in the market, they had to come up with ways to build hurry in awareness. Thus they target generation of ladies aged between 25 to 35 years who are style conscious. Having advertised themselves in television and magazines like the other competitive brands, they become experts initially. Unlike other brands, they were more influential coming up with smart ways to reach their target.

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They worked to build social media presence currently having more than 1.8 followers on Instagram and approximately 7 million followers on Facebook. They contacted beauty blogger too, who reviewed their product. They also went a step forward to partner with other major players in the market. Like a dream, EOS lip balm wanted to focus on creating an emotional connection with the user, besides being simply another commodity.

To learn more about EOS visit https://www.evolutionofsmooth.de/