Changing the lipbalm market

Passion fruit EOS lip balm is not only stylish and convenient but is also a steal at $3.00 a tube. The new lip balm is hopefully going to change the way everybody looks at lip balm products. EOS lip balm was created by founders Mehra, Johnathon Teller and Craig Dubitsky, after they ad decided that they wanted a fresh take on the original lip balm, interesting facts here. They say that lip balms were being used as a unisex beauty regimen but that it was mainly being used by woman. So they came together and determined that the original lip balm tubes were being lost daily in handbags and other situations. They came together and brain stormed different ways to improve the original lip balm. They wanted to create a new take on it but didn’t want to create a product that had to be applied by your finger or that wouldn’t be popular. So thus they created the EOS lip balm, buy now here on They decided that they would price the new lip balms at $3.00 hoping that they would still be able to compete with their competitors. Not only had they created a new product that they hoped to become the new fad but they had decided to use all organic ingredients. View for more great stories.

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