The Untold Story of the New, Organic, Flavorful Lip Balm

It looks like EOS lip balm became a leader in the lip care industry overnight, but, in reality, Evolution of Smooth products has been on the scene for over 15 years, since 2001. The story has gone untold until now as EOS has been growing in the industry since then. For a century, Chapstick and Blistex have been the top two lip balms, but EOS is now second only to Burt’s Bees.

EOS lip balm has overtaken the industry with originality and fresh, unique flavors. The product is made with 95 percent organic, paraben-free, jojoba oil, shea butter, and added vitamins, but what has made EOS lip balm an incredible success is the fresh, tasty flavors packaged in unique pastel-colored globes. No longer is lip balm only available in three dull flavors – regular, cherry and mint.

EOS has broken all the rules in the market, and today, it is a $244 million company expanding around the globe. Millenials have adopted EOS as their brand, though Mehra, co-founder, and CEO, designed it for people of all ages.

The sales rapidly accelerated when celebrities in Hollywood, such as Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian, were seen using the small, pastel orbs everywhere. Seventeen and Allure soon began running full page ads on the new lip balm with tantalizing flavors.

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From the beginning, Mehra wanted to create a lip balm that was fun and even sensual to put on, so he designed delicious flavors that were teasing and tempting. The first flavors were Sweet Mint, Vanilla Bean, Passion Fruit, Strawberry Sorbet, Blueberry Acai, Pomegranate Raspberry, Grapefruit, and Honeysuckle Honeydew. Check this on

Since then, 12 more have been added including Tangerine, Lemon Drop, Cherry, Blueberry Potion, Barbados Heat Wildberry, Watermelon Wonderland, Summer Orange Blossom and Aloha Hawaii Strawberry Kiwi. EOS has redefined the lip care industry.  For more of EOS, visit their page on

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How EOS Took Over The Lip Balm Market

Lip balm was always a simple market. For more than a century it was a clinical purchase that offered little selection or options, but no one dared try to change the game until EOS entered the market a few years ago.

EOS lip balm managed to take over a market that seemed to have little room for competition, and they did it in a unique way. The company began by rethinking the idea of the traditional tube or pot. By listening to research panels, they discovered that the product was predominantly used by women who found the cylindrical tubes often got lost in their purses, and the tubs felt unsanitary as they had to continuously stick their fingers in the pots to reapply. These important things led EOS to create something outside the lip balm box.

The revolutionary orb that EOS produced not only appealed to correct those very problems, but engaged all five senses. The soft round orb feels comfortable in the hands, it is available in bright and engaging colors, it smells delightful, EOS created a new and wider array of flavors that taste fantastic, and after each use, the orb gives a satisfying click when closing.

EOS decided to invest their money in production, which meant they had to use different routes for advertising. They got lucky with a female buyer for Walgreens who fell in love with the product and once they were on the shelves of her stores, they were quickly able to grow and gain accounts with Walmart and Target. Also see,

Having their product available in stores was only half the hurdle of finding their place in the market. EOS realized that since their target audience was millennial women, their advertising would be best done in magazines, but also to reach out to bloggers on social media and have them use and review the products to spread the word to their fans. This endorsement helped launch them into the fame of the cyber world, and in turn led them to being able to appear in music videos for popular singers like Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus. They even became the headline sponsor for Demi Lovato’s tour, and Taylor Swift quickly agreed to become the Asian spokesperson for the company. This launched EOS into becoming one of the largest advertisers in their industry.

With their success and innovation, EOS then was able to partner with Keds to create shoes that matched their unique lip balm colors, then created a limited holiday line with designer Rachael Roy, and finally were able to partner with Disney and create an “Alice in Wonderland” collection that sold out just a few days after it hit Amazon and Ebay.

In just seven years, EOS built a winning company from the ground up. The company launched into a saturated market and managed to become one of the top players in their field. Their success has been shown in the way other companies are now creating their own versions of lip balm in their own orbs, because imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.


Naomi Campbell’s Birthday Celebration

Naomi Campbell is a gorgeous British model. At the end of Fashion Week, this top model was reunited with her old flame. An elegant al fresco dinner followed her reunion with this rhythm and blues singer. The elegant meal was shared together in the French capital. Campbell was sitting outside, smoking a cigarette and completely immersed in a conversation with this old flame. She carried two gorgeous roses with her after dinner was over.

Wearing a black suit, with a black bra peeking out through the extremely low cut neckline, she looked absolutely radiant. An elegant pair of high heels with peep toes, and one glove upon her left hand completed Campbell’s look.

Campbell and Usher supposedly had a short relationship in 2004. Apparently, Campbell had some issues with his entourage, stating they were far too controlling. Usher claimed that he had become bored with her. Later, Usher clearly stated they never even dated, much less become a couple. He said they went to an affair together, and they had become good friends but nothing more.

Naomi Campbell was having an early celebration for her thirty-eighth birthday. She was also joined by several close friends and acquaintances. This exhilarated group partied until the sun came up. The celebration took place at the Paris nightclub.

Campbell was born in 1970, and she began her career in modeling when she was recruited at the age fifteen. She was educated at the Italia Conti Academy. Rising to the top of the modeling field, she became one of three of the most well known, highly recognized models in both the 1980’s and 1990’s. In her generation, Campbell was one of only six models who the industry of fashion proclaimed to be super models.

The Story Behind Doe Deere’s ‘Lime Crime’ Makeup Brand

Doe Deere has made a name for herself on Instagram. Her distinctive look, brightly colored and masterfully applied makeup has helped her to grow her brand, Lime Crime. The makeup brand has earned the Instagram star number of accolades, including a spot on Self-Made magazine’s list of Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs.

Doe Deere grew up an imaginative kid. She says that she’s always been exceptionally into color, as you can tell from her makeup line. Growing up, she says he always had pencils or a paintbrush in her hand, and would go out of her way to have as much color on herself at any given time as possible, be in through makeup, her clothing, or different fashion accessories.

During the party, she and her friend were trying to conjure spirits, so they had dressed in darkly colored flowing outfits which made them look in a way like witches. While the outfits were great, she says she felt like she needed to make her face match the outfits, something she achieved using some darkly-colored eyeliner and lip gloss as well as some dark pink eyeshadow. The end result was something that completed the look, and she felt like it really enhanced the experience, and it’s currently available from Lime Crime on their Amazon store.

Doe Deere says she was actually pretty bad at makeup well into her 20s. She enjoyed using it; however, and would publish tutorials online for her looks, even though some of them were not quite something she would stand behind today. The entrepreneur calls fans of her brands unicorns, something that stands close to the brand as a whole because unicorns are each unique creatures, just how makeup can be a tool in giving you your own distinctive and unique look.

While her focus is certainly on her makeup brand right now, the entrepreneur says that the line is actually only a small part of her plans for the future. What’s going to come next?   Remember Lime Crime is available online from a variety of retailers, and they have a whole host of social media for joining the fun and sharing your own makeup creations.