The Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT)

The Wessex Institute is a learning as well as research institution located at the Ashurst Lodge of New Forest National Park, Southern England. Prof. Carlos Brebbia established it in 1986. It offers higher degree courses.

The institute majors on three core activities;


The institution conducts highly specialized research in diverse fields such as ecology, electromagnetics, damage tolerance and fluid mechanics among many other areas. Industrial and research organizations fund the research activities.


It organizes annual conferences on Design and Nature and other corporate conferences aimed at bridging the space between academic and professional bodies. Activities during the conferences include awarding of the Prigogine Medal, a commemorative of Ilya Prigogine, as well as other awards.


The WIT Press coner5ence proceedings and research reports. It is also the publisher of the International Journal of Design & Nature, Ecodynamics, and other journals.

Regardless of its academic programs, the institute is still keen on its core objective – integrated knowledge exchange between academic and professional fora.